Testing Unity Session in 19.04

Great, that should be OK then.

Nemo will require the Xapps package also upgrading if someone wants todo this.

I have done test disco packages in our backports ppa ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports if you want to grab these.

I myself dont have upload rights so someone will need to work with a friendly dev to make this happen.

What does that mean?

the rights to upload nemo & xapps packages to the ubuntu universe repository

I believe the ‘point’ here was to provide a means to use the Desktop, not switch default file managers.
While nemo would obviously be available to use, which version is not important to that point.

I wouldn’t doubt that some users won’t even know it was installed except inadvertently stumbling upon.
The odds of Ubuntu preceding Debian on nemo version are likely none to none

I still have ubuntu-settings 19.04.0
Don’t have a ubuntu-settings package.

After today’s upgrade, it is still ubuntu-settings 19.04.0

I was told to move nemo action files to unity-session. Both are compiling in the ppa. Try some time later. But if there are any upgrade in between you will lose them.

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Updated an install and got no control-center …

Logout still doesn’t work, after systemd 240

I works with the patch. But that hasn’t landed yet.

Take your time. Thanks! :slight_smile:

My name has re-appeared on the power button at the top panel after an accidental login into Plasma on my user account (I use plasma on a separate account).

Name remains on the power button after I cleaned up all of plasma config files and folders in my profile.

How is that patch coming along?

The control-center info panel (details) is quite broken, segfaults. Maybe a libunity issue?

Can you give us some debug info ?

While it wouldn’t auto upload to LP, I did so manually. Don’t know if you have permission to view, if not I’ll mark public…
(- freshly uploaded so no retrace yet…

Just installed ubuntu-unity-desktop on top of 19.04 mini.iso.

Then I opened Nautilus and navigated to /usr/share/applications: do not see application icons here, can’t launch applications from here.

The image:

Reported bug 1819375 as this behavior is not expected at all.

The good moment is that I can use <Ctrl>+<Shift> as keyboard layout switch on Unity without interference.

That’s a nautilus bug. Nautilus removed launching desktop icons.