Testing Unity Session in 18.10

This resolve the problem, now “Mouse and touchpad” options show me more settings. Thanks :slight_smile:
(I think this package would must be included by default)

It was included but got replaced with libinput with 17.10 I think. I also have to install xserver-xorg-input-synaptic to get the touchpad settings.

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I tried Unity on Ubuntu 18.10 running inside VMWare and I can’t bind <Shift><Alt>Button2 to “Close Window”; I can’t bind any keyboards together with buttons to an action at all. Also, the Worspace Navigation doesn’t work, eg <Ctrl><Alt>-> does nothing. Has anyone tried Unity on Ubuntu 18.10 running inside VMWare on Windows 10 and it was working? Thanks.

Weird one. I’m getting a password prompt when trying to suspend the system manually via top panel > power button > suspend.

Upon authorising, it does suspend fine.

Closing the lid also suspends without any password malarkey.