Supporting the LXD Community

As you may have heard, the LXD project is being brought into the fold. As part of the transition, communications around the LXD project from the LinuxContainers forums are being brought into the Ubuntu Discourse. This may include support related questions which are typically directed to other community support platforms.

We are working on a long term platform for the LXD community. Until this is completed, LXD support questions can be asked in the LXD - Support sub-category. This category is set up in a way that it does not interfere too much with regular usage of the Ubuntu Discourse.

We would like to remind everyone that this is a community that is undergoing major changes. Providing a familiar and welcoming environment is very important for the health of the LXD project. And since LXD is now part of the wider Ubuntu community, let’s bring them in the circle of friends and celebrate together.

For all other questions, please check out the LXD FAQ.


Hi, it seems that I can not create new Topic.
What else should I proceed? :crying_cat_face:

My understanding is that in your forum registration email there is some info about the posting restrictions, and that you have to read a certain number of topics before you can post your own.

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Also try posting in the Support category as the restrictions maybe eased there

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ok, got it. thank you

Hi @equator8848, did you solve the issue? I have the same here, no “new post” button

I believe the requirements are explained in the welcome email, but I understand you need to read some posts first.

This is the information about trust levels:

It’s linked in the “Greetings” message you got when you signed up.


Yes, I read some topic and then I can post new topic when I receive greeting message

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same as you,I’ve read couple of topics but I cannot see the new topic button

You should have the right trust level now.

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