Suggestion: Use MATE applications in the eventual Unity 7 flavor of Ubuntu 18.04

OK . thanks @biohazara.

Gnome are currently getting rid of all the code in nautilus to draw the desktop, and are recommending Nemo as a replacement as the desktop code is actually being maintained.

See discussion here

I think it would be more consistent, if Ubuntu Unity were to switch to MATE apps, to use Caja…


I’ve been using Unity as my primary DE on Ubuntu 17.10 (and testing Unity on 18.04), and Nautilus (with CSD) just feels wrong. So, provided Caja would work properly, I hope that Ubuntu Unity 18.04 will ship with Caja instead of Nautilus.

Is shipping with Caja still being considered?

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No. Not at the moment. Now Unity session pulls gtk3-nocsd. So no csd in unity session. You should try latest ubuntu-unity-amd64 iso

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Thanks much! Yep, I tested the Ubuntu Unity ISO a few months ago. I’ll try installing from it again soon.

Right now, I’m testing vanilla Ubuntu 18.04, but with Unity (and gtk3-nocsd) installed from Universe. Nautilus with gtk3-nocsd works okay, but looks a bit ugly. Even so, I suppose that, ugly or not, as others have suggested, it may be better to stick with Nautilus and other GNOME apps, which would keep consistency with previous releases.