Steam as a snap

I suppose a steam SNAP would work just like Netbeans SNAP, right? In that case, would have access to the system.

If you mean running it with classic confinement, that doesn’t offer much benefit compared to the status quo. It would have all the same problems as today, trying to make game binaries run on an ever-evolving host system.

The main value of snaps to a program like Steam would come from its strict confinement model where an app runs against a consistent set of libraries on every system. Imagine never again finding that all your games have stopped working because Steam has downloaded a new version of its runtime tarball, with an old version of libstdc++ that is incompatible with your OpenGL drivers.


I understood. Thank you for the explanation. It must be a hell of a job.

There is a snap package already. It’s called “Steam Installer”. Have tested it–works great

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