[Spec] APT deb822 sources by default

You should be able to mark a bug as a duplicate of another.

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FYI I did revert to this one:
(I do use old sources format).

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gtk works perfectly now after downgrading python with the provided deb file! Thanks mate!

New here and to Linux. Seeing this after ignoring the python issue for a long time. I ignorantly upgraded to the dev branch of Ubuntu 24.04 from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as a result of trying out do-release-upgrade blindly. (I didn’t bother to look up the -d flag and what it does.)

I avoided the software-properties-gtk python issue by deleting the older source files/entries from the /etc/apt/ folder as recommended by some in the LaunchPad Bug Report #2053228 linked above.

After Software & Updates started up again: out of all the repositories I did want to add, only AnyDesk’s one worked. Not only did the rest not work but those caused the app to crash. I had to manually remove the new entries/files from the /etc/apt/ folder again in order to continue opening it directly.

Glad to see that it has some solution but I’ll be avoiding it for now since the vulnerability in XZ Utils is still being cleaned up. There’s a long way to go.