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That screenshot is running on the desktop, but it can all be deployed and run on an internet connected device (such as a Raspberry Pi). For more details on developing embedded applications (like this GTK3-adventure from iot-example-graphical-snap) there’s a developer guide:


The incantations to build and install the Colossal Cave Adventure:

git clone
cd iot-example-graphical-snap
git checkout GTK3-adventure
snapcraft && snap install *.snap
snap connect iot-example-graphical-snap:wayland

And then the incantations to reproduce the screenshot are:

snap install --edge ubuntu-frame
snap install --candidate ubuntu-frame-osk
snap connect ubuntu-frame-osk:wayland
export WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-99
ubuntu-frame& ubuntu-frame-osk&
snap run iot-example-graphical-snap

While testing with this I found a feature I wasn’t expecting!

The OSK can have multiple layouts enabled but this isn’t the default. I was experimenting with various layouts and found that regardless of the layout is selected on the layout menu (:globe_with_meridians: button) if I click on the terminal area the layout switches to a Latin layout with esc, tab, etc keys as an extra top row. (The layout does take account of “qwerty”, “qwertz”, “azerty” etc.)

If I bring up a text input field then the layout reverts to that currently selected. So, squeekboard adapts to the input target. Cool!

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