Snapping communitheme

I just installed the snap theme on a fresh daily image, and default interface font is still 11 :open_mouth:

You didn’t answer to my question (I asked you twice in this topic) which is a prerequisite to the changes:

[quote=“didrocks, post:6, topic:4890”]
All fonts? (there are 4 fonts that people can generally change in Tweaks), or only Title fonts or anything else?[/quote]

@madsrh: I would need an answer quickly on this to make the upload in ubuntu now that beta freeze is lifted. :slight_smile:

Now that we are close to the release, if no answer by tomorrow, I won’t be able to push the change, I’m afraid :/. The best would be for you to open a launchpad bug describing the changes, that it won’t impact the default session, and what keys are changed.

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Sorry @didrocks, yes my reply was a little too late :tired_face:

It’s a little embarrassing, but I’m not sure if this is correct at all!

@madsrh: Sounds correct! (well, not the correct package, but I’ll retarget). Thanks!

Just to confirm: basically, you only want the interface font to be at 10, as I see it (second options in tweaks)? So, window titles, fixed font and documents stays at their previous defaults.

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@didrocks correct! and thanks :blush:

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And done!

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@c-lobrano & @merlijn-sebrechts: Ok, I have promoted current edge version (fixing gtk2 and electron apps) in the stable channel.

I’ll let you handle further regular promotion from edge to stable from now on :slight_smile:

Some quick instructions how to do it:

First time:

  • install snapcraft
  • ensure you are logged in via snapcraft login

Then, everytime you want to promote the currently tested snap

  • snap info communitheme to check which snap revision you are running on :slight_smile:
  • publish that revision to stable channel (and candidate/beta if anyone is using it) via: snapcraft release <your-tested-revision> stable,candidate,edge
  • you can rerun snap info to ensure everything went alright :slight_smile:

I think targetting at having one release a week (and maybe even communicating it on a dedicated thread) would be awesome! Most of people are relying on the stable channel from the first stats, so it’s quite important (and it seems this communitheme snap is getting popular, which is awesome even before 18.04 is released!) I’ll let you organize around this!

As usual, do not hesitate to ask if there is any issue :wink:


Thanks for the tutorial, I was actually thinking how and when to do that.
Once a week looks a good pace :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I am planning to promote today’s edge version in stable channel later today. :tada:

Current revision is 122, but it does not have a completion of gnome-shell transparency refinements on gtk side which I really want to land.

I’ve seen that there are some PR in gnome-shell, but I am not sure any of that is stable enough, is that right?

Communitheme edge promoted to stable :sunny:

I am about to announce it on “Call for participation” thread first, any other threads you suggest to (maybe even a new one)?

@didrocks just a question, what about the “beta” channel

You can use it as you see :wink: edge/stable is the simpliest model, but you can decide to do edge/beta (twice a week)/stable (once a week). Just adapt the snapcraft release command to your needs!

FYI, as the candidate and beta channels aren’t used at the moment, I closed them. It means you don’t need to explicitely mention them in the release command until you decide to use them.

As being closed, users installing from them will automatically inherit the version from the stable channel, as if they were tracking stable.


Thanks @didrocks and sorry, I was sure to have replied to previous comment with channel explanations :worried:


I don’t seem to have the correct permissions:

$ snapcraft whoami
developer-id: zqA1mmPiiXMatAH5zs2ToLSmLtqVd9CF
$ snapcraft release communitheme 213 stable
Received 403: Permission is required: package_release

Also, does work? It seems to be stuck in review atm.

It seems you never accepted the mail invitation. I just resent you one. You need to accept it before getting access to the snap.

On communitheme-set-default, check my answer on with the link to the forum where it needs approval for classic confinement.

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For the next Monday’s release (20 of August), I might be AFK, @merlijn-sebrechts would you be able to release Yaru if I can’t?

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