Snap support?

some (official FORUM snap)docs about - should be on main docs:
interfaces in snaps
creating a snap

media interfaces
system interfaces
hardware interfaces
security interfaces

list of all interfaces
migration to core24

supported languages and plugins
supported platform extensions
desktop toolkits

I feel like this is turning into a general “let’s complain about everything wrong about Snaps, including apparently reporting bugs on some” thread which is kind of going against the topic at hand and inconsistent with @ian-weisser’s appeal to stay on topic.


Agreed. It would, IMO, be easier for the thread to stay on track if there were momentum or direction of some sort from folks in some specific groups mentioned above:

  • Canonical Snap packagers
  • Canonical Snap infrastructure builders/designers

Respectfully to all those involved, I’ve not seen any obvious engagement or acknowledgment from folks within either of those groups, on either this thread or the Snapcraft Discourse thread, in the ~3 weeks that the threads have been open.

The topic at hand seems like one that couldn’t really move forward without such engagement or acknowledgment, since I would assume there are decisions involved that would be owned by those groups and either implemented by them or explicitly empowered to community members.

(This is all just uninformed external observation, anyone with real hands-on knowledge please correct!)


Closed due to too much off-topic woolgathering.

Could be reopened, as this is an important topic.