Rocks Public Journal 2024-07-02

:rock: What’s new?

:ship: Rockcraft 1.5.2

Together with the “Everything LTS” announcement, we’ve undertaken a series of UX and documentation updates in Rockcraft:

  • the Tutorials now have a clear, comprehensive and consistent set of “Setup” instructions, targeting even the less tech-savvy users;

  • the license field is now optional in rockcraft.yaml;

  • the flask-framework extension has received some significant documentation updates as well as a brand new tutorial;

  • in an effort to promote the use of Chisel, we’ve created a new page for “Bases”, explaining when and how to use a bare base;

  • error handling has been improved in the Rockcraft CLI such that errors are more user-friendly and provide resolution hints (e.g. handling a misconfigured LXD is now caught early and the solution is proposed immediately);

  • we’ve fixed the 404 page in the docs.

Python3.10 slices in 22.04

You can now find the Chisel slices for Python3.10 and python3-venv in ubuntu-22.04.

Pebble v1.13.0

This release introduces an explicit constraint on the use of --verbose with pebble enter exec → such combination is no longer allowed.

:mag_right:chisel find

We have added a new command to Chisel - find - allowing users to search for packages and slices within a given Ubuntu release. Currently still in main, we shall release this feature in a new Chisel version later this week.

:package: Miscellaneous

12y LTS for any open source Docker image

Haven’t seen the announcement? Here it is!

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