Releases page missing table headings

In the page Releases the table headings have disappeared. They nowadays are formatted “white on white background” (at least when opened with Chrome/Chromium).
Can somebody please have a look?
Thank you in advance.

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They hyperlinked it to the new page.
Ubuntu Website release cycle page

Sorry to object, @bernard010, but these two pages have different contents.
On the contrary, the release cycle page links back to the releases wiki page at the end of the chapter “Maintenance and security updates”.

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Thank for clarifying that.

Seems like it’s been that way since 2019. A bit of bisection shows that the change occurred during revision 267. I have edited that page to restore visible column headers.

Any Ubuntu Member can edit the Wiki or can research the issue (using the info tab), and any Ubuntu Member can fix it.

@m-hampl, you seem to have a LOT of contribution activity in Launchpad, but I don’t see you listed among the Ubuntu Members. If that’s correct, I suggest you take that step and become a Member.

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@ian-weisser: Thank you for the repair. It definitely was not like this since 2019, The header was white with orange background until a few weeks ago. My assumption is that there was some change in the moin software that may have caused this. In my opinion the current source is not fully correct (and wasn’t for quite a while). and maybe a change in the moin software caused invalid information to be displayed differently now. Or new versions of the browsers now behave differently.
The table formatting as seen in the browser is
background-color: "#33333; border-radius: 5px 0 0 0px; color:#fffff;"
which (at least in my opinion) has weird quotes. I do not dare to touch it (and I am not in the wiki-editors group, so I can’t even do it).
For me it seems as if the quotes in the raw text are translated into “"” text, which is not correctly interpreted when rendering the page in the browser.

The effect, that the table below the heading HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax (the table below the colored one) does not have the correct color and rowspan, may have the same cause. That table is the only one where quotes are used in the formatting clauses.

It could be worth trying to simply leave out the quotes.