(Re)Introducing the Community Team

Where exactly is this community?

When users post on here they are stonewalled and told to go elsewhere as this forum is for Devs only?

Glad to hear this. Always felt the Ubuntu community was quite welcoming .
Hopefully I can contribute In some way.


This is not a support forum, so while requests for support may be treated like that, I hope — and believe — that posts from users with ideas about Ubuntu development are met with courtesy.


YouTube for sure, we’re just planning things out and figuring out how to best do it at the moment. Like Ken says there’s the Desktop Indaba coming up and I did an Ubuntu Core AMA a couple of weeks ago on YouTube, we’re still trying things to see what feels right :slight_smile:

We’re also thinking about potentially Twitch streaming? What do you think? Any other ideas you have are more than welcome!


In recent history I can certainly see why it would look like this forum is only for Devs but we’re going to change that.

@gunnarhj is right, this is not a support forum and it too hope, and believe, posts about Ubuntu development are met with courtesy.

Part of the issue I think is people aren’t sure how and where exactly to go with their thoughts or their ideas to talk about them. That’s going to be high on the priority list to start enabling the commnity to engage more. Starting with this broader Community category that we’re in now


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Hello and welcome! We are so looking forward to live sessions, Q&As, office hours and more, and giving them a wide reach while still focused on the Ubuntu community. Thankfully, a bunch of us have been brushing up our streaming skills in the last year!

Are there any topics/guests/etc. you can think of that you would really like to see? We also are planning casual social hours - to have both work AND play!


So glad you’re here! And a big part of why the team is here is to help make it easier to contribute, so feedback on that process, especially from someone just starting out, is so helpful.

What are your current interests, by the way?


I’m so sorry that’s happened to you, and has made trying to contribute a not-great experience. We want to be a welcoming community to everyone, and make the DIscourse a place open to brainstorming and collaboration. So like @rhys-davies and @jorge have been discussing, part of our task is figuring out the best way to make that happen.


It’s ambitious for an organization based around code to recognize the need for mentoring, skill development, communication, and deliberate cultural changes.

It’s impressive for an organization to do so when there’s not a crisis causing the self-reflection.

So kudos for a well-considered, ambitious mission.

Oh, let’s clarify this briefly, since it’s relevant:

If Discourse becomes raucous and ranty (like Ubuntu Brainstorm did, and UbuntuForums before that), contributors will hie off to another space…and the value of Discourse will be gone.

Therefore, I do sometimes dip into the Mod Tools to keep the level of discussion high and collaborative. Most moderation is done one-on-one using PM to coach improving the message, not suspensions or deletions.

“Hey-let’s-fix-your-message” is understandably annoying for the user. However, the few users who need it usually only need it once. Most users seem to have no problem swimming in this water, once they are acclimated.

(Let’s please take any further discussion on Moderation to PM or to a different thread)


Are the forums going to continue to exist? Can people use them or is there a chance one day soon everything there will be gone? I feel the forum format works best for community and discourse is only useful for things that have specific goals - there are lots of silly conversations that happens in a community I feel don’t work with the way everything has a purpose in discourse.


This is a prime example of what i’m talking about , micromanaged deflection , truncation , Stonewall type shutdowns that kills any sense of open community discussion.

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Hey thanks,
My interests with Ubuntu are of course advocacy. I’m prominently a Desktop user so I’m often marketing and promoting this to people where I can. I’m definitely a promoter of the that simple by design out of the box experience, which I think Ubuntu does very well actually.

My expertise I guess Is, I work in the field of Information Management, focusing on digital preservation, accessibility over time asking the question basically, will you be able to read this post in 100 years and beyond? You tend to find me harping on about digital standards and a strange obsession simple text documents haha.
All things information really.

Not sure how these skill fit into the community but Information and data preservation, privacy and accessibility in today’s digital world is front and centre and Linux in general is the backbone of a lot of it. Ubuntu is the most well known particularly in the non Linux world.
So I guess you could say To ensure you data for today and the future Ubuntu’s got your back. or something along those lines .

Apologies for the long winded reply, I tend to go off in tangents sometimes ; )


I hope the Ubuntu Wiki gets a refresh soon


In my opinion @madhens recent live sessions on Twitch are good direction as long as social media activity.:+1: In my case, I got more interested in Ubuntu and wanted be part of the community after listening to several great podcasts, watching YouTube videos, live sessions and following Ubuntu community members on Twitter, Telegram, Discord. Sometimes reading some blog posts (great zfs tutorial on @didrocks blog - great example of how tutorial should be made). When you listen and watch people from the community, after some time you realize that you start to like them and become more interested and involved in what they represent. That was my path to Ubuntu.
I realize that creating videos and podcasts is difficult and very time consuming, but imo being active in the most popular content distribution platforms is crucial for a community to grow. Is there any official Ubuntu Community Twitter account or maybe channel on Telegram/Discord/Element/irc?


I just saw the reply . Yea , many people are there in that platform as well . Also weekly magazines or blogs , which tell whats going in the desktop space or even general stuffs ; with some basic technical content , would be really great . The idea is from fedoramagazine . I sometimes visit the fedora magazine , and it seems to be really good at introducing people to some technical content which people might me new to . And I feel its doing good . And following something that is already proving good is gonna benefit everyone .
Also maybe polls or asking people’s opinion on what they feel about ubuntu and what they might want every now and then would help to understand more of what the community feels and need .
Even the recent Pop!os change with the cosmic desktop . They decided to introduce dock build in just because they see more than 50% pop os users using docks in pop os after install . Maybe some things like these are obvious , we might just need to take a proper note of it and act accordingly .
And many people hang around in reddit also . Actually if I hadn’t been in reddit , I wouldn’t know this community news .
I hpoe I have not messed up writing all these stuffs :joy::grin:. Even I created account here , after seeing the news . And I’m really looking forward to it . Cheers :beers:.

Edit : Also I still get confused on where to actually communicate with the community . Is this a place for discussion? or doubts? Idk . It would be great if it is made clear on where the community could hang around in the upcoming live event .


Ubuntu has had a Weekly Newsletter for years. It’s primarily published on the Ubuntu wiki, but also elsewhere (Ubuntu Forums gets a copy, links posted to Ubuntu Fridge, twitter, facebook etc).

Polls do exist; they’re just not regular and it can be easy to miss (or forget) them.


Near the top i posted the same question. :slight_smile:

We need to sit tight and let the new Community Team do their thing in due course.


The forums are absolutely going to continue to exist, you’re exactly right that they have their own purpose and work best for different things to discourse and so are really very valuable to the community :blush: I doubt anyone could stop them existing if they tried anyway :sweat_smile:


I scan the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter in liferea (my trusty RSS feed reader) as the Ubuntu Fridge posts are viewable via http://feeds.feedburner.com/ubuntu-fridge (it actually reads from https://ubuntu-news.org/ which is a mirror of the Ubuntu Fridge; the mirror was off-line a few weeks earlier this year but is back again :slight_smile:)

The Ubuntu Fridge also propagates to Planet Ubuntu (which is available in RSS form too).

You can read Ubuntu Forums via RSS reader, though I’ve not tried to limit it to only UWN issues so I have no idea if that’s possible (but they’ll appear along with other UF posts).