Raising the bar on cybersecurity with Ubuntu for AWS GovCloud

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Join us to learn about cybersecurity and compliance in the cloud and participate in the live Q&A. Register today!

US government agencies and organizations in government-regulated industries face a huge challenge in complying with regulations and standards in order to run their workloads. AWS GovCloud and Ubuntu make it much easier to deploy missions securely in the cloud whilst remaining compatible with compliance requirements.

At Canonical we have developed the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG), a compliance as code tool that helps you automate the process of auditing your Ubuntu VMs against the relevant DISA STIG or CIS profile and generate shell scripts to remediate any potential nonconformities.

In this webinar we will look at what additional security measures Ubuntu Pro offers, and some of the extensive range of security features provided by AWS GovCloud for government and DoD agencies and contractors. We will show how to harden and audit your Ubuntu operating system for DISA-STIG or CIS requirements, and dive into how to use AWS security services like Amazon Inspector and Amazon GuardDuty.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  1. Ubuntu Pro & AWS GovCloud overview: FIPS, ESM and Livepatch
  2. Hardening and auditing systems to conform with DISA-STIG or CIS requirements
  3. Security for your open-source Application Packages with Ubuntu Advantage
  4. Vulnerability management with Amazon Inspector
  5. Threat detection with Amazon GuardDuty


Mark Thomas, Solutions Architect, AWS

Henry Coggill, Product Manager, Canonical

Chris Huffman, VP of Public Sector, Canonical

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