Proposed new appliance: Streamsheets

Streamsheets is a server application that effectively runs user defined scripts on streaming data from a variety of sources, such as MQTT, REST, and others. It can both receive and send data using different sources. It has a web interface which is how the scripts are defined - this is a spreadsheet like interface which gives a no-code approach suitable for non-developers and developers. It also allows the creation of dashboards.

Your interest and involvement

I work for the company which is the primary developer of streamsheets, but do not directly work on it myself beyond packaging the snap. I am interested in contributing to this appliance.


Anybody that has, or would like, an automated process for doing something. Industrial users, makers, home users.

Software considerations

I maintain a snap for streamsheets. It is open source EPL-2.0 and the project is part of the Eclipse Foundation.

Hardware considerations

The software currently relies on mongodb which is not supported on 32-bit architectures, hence the snap is not built for i386 or armhf.

Security considerations

Existing snap interfaces are sufficient.


On first run, the streamsheets web interface offers users the chance to opt in to subscribing to a newsletter. This is the only personal information that can be used.

Maintenance considerations

It uses:

  • mongodb-server, deb
  • mosquitto, compiled direct from upstream to allow control of installed version
  • nginx, compiled direct from upstream to work around snap path issues (advice on that gratefully received!)
  • redis-server, deb
  • nodejs, as from the snap npm plugin

I believe all of those have strong likelihood of being maintained.