Proposal: Ubuntu Flavors Design Squad

Do you need the form refilled? or just for anyone else interested? :slight_smile:

Also it might be a good idea to post the link as a separate post in discourse? this discussion is still active and it might get lost in middle of comments.

I actually did want to contact you. both to have a conversation at some point to hear how it went (challenges and things that worked well) but also to see if anyone else from the winners would be interested in joining and if we could somehow signal boost about this to them.

I am currently trying to not bother anyone too much as the new ubuntu release is right around the corner, but I’ll try to see how we can get a discourse area up and and possibly a matrix channel and will invite everyone who has shown interest in and get the ball rolling.

Sure thing, happy to take you through it. I’m away for a couple of weeks, but look me up on Matrix after that if you want.

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I’m back from holidays now, and @meetdilip ‘Jack Sharp’ and I have been working on the new website. We’ve got some cool designs, and we’d love to perhaps use these and the new site as a centre point for discussion /contribution.


awesome! I just realized we got our category. So I’ll get some structures up for everyone to join in and posting ideas. I just need a few days to wrap up the semester.