Properties for device type wifis

Properties for device type wifis:

Note that systemd-networkd does not natively support wifi, so you need
wpasupplicant installed if you let the networkd renderer handle wifi.

access-points (mapping)

This provides pre-configured connections to NetworkManager. Note that
users can of course select other access points/SSIDs. The keys of the
mapping are the SSIDs, and the values are mappings with the following
supported properties:

password (scalar)

Enable WPA2 authentication and set the passphrase for it. If neither
this nor an auth block are given, the network is assumed to be
open. The setting

password: "S3kr1t"

is equivalent to

  key-management: psk
  password: "S3kr1t"

mode (scalar)

Possible access point modes are infrastructure (the default),
ap (create an access point to which other devices can connect),
and adhoc (peer to peer networks without a central access point).
ap is only supported with NetworkManager.

bssid (scalar) – since 0.99

If specified, directs the device to only associate with the given
access point.

band (scalar) – since 0.99

Possible bands are 5GHz (for 5GHz 802.11a) and 2.4GHz
(for 2.4GHz 802.11), do not restrict the 802.11 frequency band of the
network if unset (the default).

channel (scalar) – since 0.99

Wireless channel to use for the Wi-Fi connection. Because channel
numbers overlap between bands, this property takes effect only if
the band property is also set.

hidden (bool) – since 0.100

Set to true to change the SSID scan technique for connecting to
hidden WiFi networks. Note this may have slower performance compared
to false (the default) when connecting to publicly broadcast

wakeonwlan (sequence of scalars) – since 0.99

This enables WakeOnWLan on supported devices. Not all drivers support all
options. May be any combination of any, disconnect, magic_pkt,
gtk_rekey_failure, eap_identity_req, four_way_handshake,
rfkill_release or tcp (NetworkManager only). Or the exclusive
default flag (the default).

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