Properties for device type ethernets

Properties for device type ethernets:

Ethernet device definitions, beyond common ones described above, also support
some additional properties that can be used for SR-IOV devices.

link (scalar) – since 0.99

(SR-IOV devices only) The link property declares the device as a
Virtual Function of the selected Physical Function device, as identified
by the given netplan id.


ethernets: enp1: {…} enp1s16f1: link: enp1

virtual-function-count (scalar) – since 0.99

(SR-IOV devices only) In certain special cases VFs might need to be
configured outside of netplan. For such configurations virtual-function-count
can be optionally used to set an explicit number of Virtual Functions for
the given Physical Function. If unset, the default is to create only as many
VFs as are defined in the netplan configuration. This should be used for special
cases only.

Requires feature: sriov

embedded-switch-mode (scalar) – since 0.104

(SR-IOV devices only) Change the operational mode of the embedded switch
of a supported SmartNIC PCI device (e.g. Mellanox ConnectX-5). Possible
values are switchdev or legacy, if unspecified the vendor’s
default configuration is used.

Requires feature: eswitch-mode

delay-virtual-functions-rebind (bool) – since 0.104

(SR-IOV devices only) Delay rebinding of SR-IOV virtual functions to its
driver after changing the embedded-switch-mode setting to a later stage.
Can be enabled when bonding/VF LAG is in use. Defaults to false.

Requires feature: eswitch-mode