Preparing for the SUSE OpenStack Cloud end-of-life

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is rapidly approaching end-of-life (EOL), and when the platform is discontinued, existing SUSE customers will no longer be able to use it securely within their organisations, and will no longer benefit from enterprise support.

SUSE has decided to focus on cloud-native application delivery rather than infrastructure. But although cloud-native might be the future, switching from OpenStack to a fully cloud-native strategy in such a short timeframe is simply not feasible for the majority of enterprises.

This whitepaper will explore the challenges facing SUSE OpenStack Cloud customers, and explain why migrating to another OpenStack platform is the most practical and cost-effective solution. Additionally, the paper will provide a deep dive into Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack distribution and the concept of the complete open infrastructure stack, demonstrating how enterprises can migrate seamlessly to a platform with substantially better price-performance while continuing to work towards a long-term cloud-native strategy.