Please, do not use snap into UBUNTU, it's too early

It’s not non-sense and if you actually read the explanation you’ll understand why, go read the explanation.

By the way Suse is much bigger than Canonical.

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As an Ubuntu Mate user, I already have 3 snaps installed by default that work without any problems, so some snaps are ready and work and it seems (by going through this thread) that maybe others aren’t working so well and need bug reporting and improvements. From what I can understand of all of this I don’t think that anyone from Canonical made a case that snap is in its final form and is working perfectly, so it seems that developers acknowledge that there are things that need to be improved and fixed before they start migrating stacks of debs to snaps. With that last thought in your mind, remember this and this. Unless a snap app works exactly like it’s deb counterpart, people are going to complaint! I thought this was a lesson learned from the unity 7 days… Unity 8 wasn’t the default DE because it wasn’t ready, maybe Chromium deb shouldn’t be removed in 19.10 until it’s snap counterpart is ready? Could something like the One Hundred Papercuts work? Use discourse to call for snap testing before removing it’s deb counterpart, when there are no standing issues transition to the snap. Haters are always going to find something to complaint about, but the less reasons you give them, the better. Ultimately, it’s Canonical’s decision and if people stuck around after Unity’s first days, people are going to keep using Ubuntu after Snap’s first days. Despite it’s rocky start, Unity in 16.04 is freaking awesome and almost perfect, snap will be too.


“By the way Suse is much bigger than Canonical” => No, not in terms of success.
SuSe products are a complete failure compared to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Archlinux is much more used than OpenSuse on desktop.

And for the servers? Debian and Ubuntu Server is more used than SuSe Linux Enterprise Server!

OpenSuse is just a small distribution, it is not even part of the top 7.

Alright, this is becoming a mess, so here is the deal.

If you like snaps, you use snaps.
If you don’t like snaps, you don’t use snaps.

You can remove the snaps, and replace them with others ones and if your not happy, install Unity instead of Gnome or hitch back to 16.04. If you don’t like either then you can jump to Debian, but it is more optimal.


Please, do not keep this thread, it has no valid points.