Phased updates page errors stopping update

In the page Released Ubuntu SRUs for each package held there is a list of the errors causing the held but the error listed are not visible by a normal user.
For a normal user should be a list of the error numbers in launchpad or in some other format to allow used to decide if bypass the hold.

Those list of errors (which lives in are restricted because they often contain memory dumps which in turn may contain people’s private data.

Although each error can be exposed via a Launchpad bug by a developer after manual review, that rarely happens. When it does, it is reported by the robot user bug bridge, so if you are interested in a particular source package you might, however unlikely, find what is holding the update back by searching for it in Bugs : bug bridge.

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Could you explain the use case for a normal user? The page was designed for members of the Ubuntu SRU team and Ubuntu Developers not normal users.

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I see that a package is stopped due to errors and I would like to know what the errors are to decide whether to bypass the hold