Nextcloud with multipass: is it ready for production?

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I have tried the Nextcloud server deployed with multipass. The installation is smothless and the server works right away, but then I immediately faced the problem of access from outside the ubuntu host. I tried configuring iptables to reroute the traffic to the VM, but to no avail. I am far to be an expert in virtual machine and I did found some posts related to this (, but with no practical solution, at least for me.

I am therefore wondering if I am missing something. Is it that the multipass solution is not yet ready for real use? Or user like me do need additional tuto in order to manage configuring it properly?

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It appears that Multipass doesn’t support bridging, but you can try forwarding individual ports from your host to the VM. For the Nextcloud appliance, I suggest forwarding ports 80 and 443.


Thanks. It works indeed.

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