New system sounds in 18.04?

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If anyone would help test and post feedback I would appreciate it :smiley:

andy-k: Good thinking - I’ll give the Touch login melody for kalimba a try.

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I know that I’ve been banging this drum for a while, but nothing is really happening.

@d0od I could make an announcement but you have the audience. Would you write a few words about this on OMG? I know that it’s the free-culture-showcase issue all over again (like you said, announcing on your site is for Ubuntu users and not photographers) but the users that needs to throw their “general consensus” are there.

As Will writes above:

…I’d suggest you start by getting a PPA up with the new sound theme in which people can install. If it’s packaged correctly, and we can advise on that for sure, then we could add it to Universe and people can install it easily. If the general consensus is positive then we can look at switching the default over to it further down the road…

I really feel that “contest” is the wrong word. It’s more along the lines of participate and contribute to the project. Contest = prize, and there’s nothing to win here other than making Ubuntu better.

Anyway, it would be awesome if you could get:

  1. Sound designers to contribute sound themes!
  2. Everyday users to test (although I haven’t created a PPA).
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I really like the idea of having a new system sound set in 18.04. I feel that it could help the global refresh. I tested the sound of all three set in my GNOME (with the communitheme theme installed and the Suru icon set), and I must say that I think that WoodenBeaver and KalimbaBeaver are the one that I think the most pleasing, but all three are great.

I think it really would help create a coherent experience.

Seems that no sound change the sound notification we have when we change the sound in gnome-shell, I’ll try to search if it’s an hardcoded sound or if we have a way to change that easily !


Much appreciated feedback! Thank you @kazhnuz :+1:

I’ve been saying for years a new sound theme is needed . And that sounds are very underrated . Sounds can make an emotional attachment much stronger and does bring an air of recognition. Eg every one knows when a windows or Mac machine has been rebooted.
So I think it’s a great decision.



Things are coming together - literally!

As an experiment we’re going to bundle the new system sounds with the community theme :clap:

This has a few a advantages:

  • Increased exposure - as it lands in the hands of more users
  • More feedback - as a result of the increased exposure
  • An even bigger and (hopefully) coherent experience (the theme, Suru icons and new sounds)

The Github page reads:

This sound theme is an accompaniment for the Ubuntu Communitheme. It combines sounds from the WoodenBeaver and Touch-Remix sound themes with an emphasis on making sound a usability feature instead of an annoyance. We’re clipping out things like ‘button-pressed’ and ‘service-logout’, and working towards shorter and less intrusive, more refined audio set.

The system notifications are played on a wooden percussion instrument to give the theme an african feeling. To make the theme feel light and responsive, the sounds are very short and there’s no reverb or delay added. The desktop-login sound is based on Jouni Helminen’s awesome work for Ubuntu Touch.

For 10 years now, system sounds has been an achilles heel for me and I’ve been trying to get people involved :joy: and create something people would want to use. So I’m really excited about this change.

@merlijn-sebrechts is working on putting the pieces together, so expect to see this land in the not so distant future.


Great job! I for one, always liked system sounds.


There are very few people with such details. A really well thought-out topic and sound packages are fine!


Have the new system sounds been rolled out ?
I thought they had and i went to try them in the sound settings and now they have gone back to the old ones . Or Have imagined this ?

Yes, they are in the PPA so everything should work out of the box - except the login sound :thinking:


Thats what thought . Any idea how i get them back ?

Start by checking dconf-editor - is the right theme set?

Or you can add the manually.

Download the zip here and copy the the folder ind usr/share/sounds/

Instructions here:


thanks . I figured it out and got the login sound going too .


There will be a startup, shutdown sound ? It was something I missed till 16.04.

There is a startup sound. If you’ve got the theme installed:

Type in a terminal gnome-session-properties. It’ll give you the list of starting applications. Click on “add”, and type the following informations in the dialog shown :

Name: GNOME Login Sound

Command:/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login"

Comment: Plays a sound whenever you log in


I haven’t got the 18.04 preview build installed. Will it be possible to try from GitHub ? Path, please…

Edit :

Got it. Would it be good to have it a bit longer? Hopefully, there will be something for shutdown as well.

It is deliberately very short. I think a longer sound would quickly become annoying. I also left out the shutdown sound for the same reason.

What is you’re bug filled for? There is a start-up sound in that repo. :thinking:


That was not a bug report. I didn’t know what else to use on Github. I was hoping to see startup sound than login sound. And for shutdown as well.Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Just had a moment with your lovely new sounds: getting the multiple tab warning when closing a FF window. A spontaneous satisfied sigh, really great job man.


I do like the new sounds .:cake: My only criticism is the sound level . I can hardly hear them through my laptop speakers with 100% volume . The log in sound it definitely something I can distinguish and come to know as a Ubuntu Machine.
Has there been any other feed back re sound level ?

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