Mount root directory

Hi all,

I have an M1 MacBook and want to use Multipass to run code on Ubuntu and program on it. I am coding in python with Visual Studio Code.
So far my setup is that I have a folder /home/ubuntu/somefolder mounted to a folder in MacOS such that I can access these files with VSC and I have a virtual environment on my host where python and some packages are installed such that the python interpreter of VSC recognizes all the packages and so forth (the programs are not functional in this virtual environment).

I would to improve that situation by mounting all of my vm into the folder on the host such that I can use the installed python on the vm with all its packages as the interpreter of VSC.
multipass mount /Folder/on/Host vm-name:/ and similar commands do not seem to work. Is there another option to achieve what I want?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Okay, so I solved the problem more elegantly than in the original post indicated. I use the extension SSH Remote in VS Code to connect to the ubuntu instance. The use is quite simple. Hope this helps anybody stumbling upon the same problem.

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