Modern Communication Platforms - Call for Feedback

I’d be fine in having Discord as a bridged tool, but I’d personally and hardly think that the setup should be: Matrix as main, IRC and Discord bridged.

The reason for this is that even if most of user base folks are in discord, Matrix is where people from the Open Source world expect us to be, and we don’t want to be isolated again from them, since it’s with those people that we work with.


Sure sounds good. This is def. 100% correct for the gnome world.
Flutter on the other hand is on discord, as are young devs also.
The bridge solution sounds like a really good solution to me :slight_smile:


Add freedesktop and debian too (at least via IRC).


@nbuechner recently created a matrix discussion room in the Ubuntu Space. Please note that this chat room is open for anyone to join. Feel free to join and contribute by sharing your knowledge, thoughts and ideas.

Thank you @saviq @chrome0 and @nuccitheboss for listing your Matrix rooms and spaces in the Ubuntu Space. This makes Ubuntu projects that are already on Matrix, a bit easier to find.

If you know other Ubuntu related matrix rooms, you can ask if they would like to be listed in the Ubuntu Space. You can point them to this discussion or directly to the matrix room linked above.


I have an exciting update to share today! We have been working on a Matrix instance for the Ubuntu community to test the platform and protocol. We are currently in early stage testing, so we are focusing on testing the Matrix’s core functionalities before scaling up to more advanced tests.

I want to encourage everyone who want to be an early tester to join our Ubuntu Matrix Project room on Matrix at Get involved in our discussions and please let us know if you want to contribute to during the early testing phase.

We are planning to complete the initial round of testing in early to mid November, and start opening up testing for larger groups then. I will keep you informed on the progress.


Hi all, as promised, I have updates.

We have an Matrix instance and we are ready to start testing. For specific details on testing, please check this Discourse post.

We can keep discussing the Matrix project on this thread, and leave the new one for testing related issues.

Happy testing!


More updates from within the Matrix:

If you have an Ubuntu related project on Matrix and you want it to be listed under the Ubuntu Community space on Matrix, please reply to this thread and tag @nbuechner and myself. If you are using a chat platform that limits your project, contact us here. You can always enter the Matrix with us!


Hey people of the Matrix!

The last few weeks have been fantastic for the Ubuntu Matrix project. We received so many requests from folks and teams asking to create rooms and spaces on the Ubuntu Matrix instance that we actually had to re-prioritize some tasks to accommodate them. I am pleased to see so many of you helping out, offering to help with moderation, reporting bugs and asking questions.

Speaking of questions, we are aware that Matrix is slightly different from other non-federated chat clients. Therefore, we decided to start a small wiki to help our community. The Discourse Wiki backend is not active yet, so for now, they appear like regular discourse posts. Once the front end is ready, we will share the updated link.
There are only a few articles, but we are working to add more. Ideas for new articles and contributions are always welcome.


Hi all, I am back from winter break and I have more updates from the world of Matrix communications.

Temporary Matrix Council

We have a new, temporary Matrix Council. I want to encourage everyone here to read the great post from @merlijn-sebrechts . I also want to send special thanks to all those that offered to help with the temporary Matrix Council. @ulfnic @sarnold @nbuechner @merlijn-sebrechts Thank you. The temporary Matrix Council will soon announce elections. Stay tuned!

The Matrix council meets every week for the time being. First two meeting reports are available on the Ubuntu Discourse:
Matrix Council Meeting report: 4 January 2024
Matrix Council Meeting report: 11 January 2024

Charmhub migration

Charmhub migration from Mattermost to Matrix is still ongoing, full speed ahead. The Mattermost instance is currently scheduled to go read-only at the end of January 2024. Special thanks to @jnsgruk for the great support.

Bridging with IRC

As you can read in the weekly reports linked above, we had great conversations with the KDE community. They have been bridging IRC and Matrix with good success. We are working to deploy our self hosted bridge, while at the same time @nbuechner is working hard to run tests. Special thanks to Kenny from KDE for his energy and patience.

Full federation and room search

We are still working to enable full federation on our Matrix instance. Please be patient with us as we work on the federation proxy.
Room searching from federated servers is still not enabled but the issue was reported and it is being looked at. I will provide updates when both these issues make progress.


We are working on documentation and processes. Our next focus is to create a clear set of documents for users, regarding room publishing and room moderation. @ulfnic contributed with a very useful document that explains How-to change the main address of a room or space to
We are then going to focus our documentation efforts on moderators and defenders.

Stay engaged

If you see topics that interest you on the Matrix Council weekly reports, if you have the passion to help us grow Ubuntu’s presence on Matrix, or if you have questions regarding this project, I encourage to get involved here on Discourse. You can reply on this thread, on any of the Matrix Council meeting report threads. Alternatively, you can also get in touch on Matrix directly. This channel would be a great place:


Thank you for the great update.

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I bring more exciting news today. Launchpad now has a new social accounts section where we can add our IRC, Jabber and… :drum: :drum: :drum: Matrix! :tada:

You can check a write-up by @ines-almeida on the Launchpad Blog

I would like to thank @rbasak , @cjwatson , and @clinton-fung for starting the discussion and approving the work with very short notice.
Special thanks to @pelpsi for working on the backend, @ines-almeida for the frontend and @lgp171188 for planning and code reviews.

First thing I do after this post? Go add my matrix account to my launchpad ID! :smile:


That’s great news. Thanks to all involved in getting this done!

I think the real value of this is that now the data exists to do things like “allow all Matrix accounts of Ubuntu members”, which will hopefully be useful for moderators who can identify a set of people they can trust, while those people can continue mostly unimpeded, in case of moderation emergencies.


Hi all, what is better than weekend time? Matrix news before weekend time!

We have been working hard this week to launch our Matrix documentation frontend. Please note that this is work in progress and we are working to improve the experience, as well as adding more documents. We are very ambitious and we would love it if our Matrix documentation could be referenced by other open-source projects.

If you have a passion for this initiative and you want to help with documentation, please reply to this thread or reach out on the Ubuntu Matrix Ops channel. This is a great opportunity to contribute to Ubuntu!

I wish to thank @aaronprisk for his help with Discourse documentation frontend, and @kewisch for making things happen, his reviews and advice.

Special thanks to all the incredible people of the Matrix Council. Not only they are moving mountains, but they also have to tolerate my incurable optimism on a daily basis. @sarnold @nbuechner @ulfnic @merlijn-sebrechts . Last but not least, @arraybolt3 thank you so much, you are a superstar!


Thank you all. Matrix implementation continues to be a great feature.

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The element-desktop snap seems broken on AMD. The Store entry for this snap does not show where a bug can be filed. Strangely, I encountered a similar issue with the whatsie snap but after it being uninstalled for a few months a reinstallation has it working again. I’ve included the output error I get when launching the Element snap from the CLI. I believe this to be the key line:

/usr/share/libdrm/amdgpu.ids: No such file or directory

This report on the Snapcraft forum appears to corroborate my experience and findings.

EDIT: I forgot to say that none of the workarounds given in the above report worked for me.

Entire output:

/home/pmatulis/snap/element-desktop/83/.config/Element exists: yes
/home/pmatulis/snap/element-desktop/83/.config/Riot exists: no
Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed: cannot find desktop file "/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/element-desktop_Element.desktop"

(element-desktop:43725): Gtk-WARNING **: 14:55:14.374: GTK+ module /snap/element-desktop/83/gnome-platform/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/ cannot be loaded.
GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported.
Gtk-Message: 14:55:14.374: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

(element-desktop:43725): Gtk-WARNING **: 14:55:14.375: GTK+ module /snap/element-desktop/83/gnome-platform/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/ cannot be loaded.
GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported.
Gtk-Message: 14:55:14.375: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
[43725:0205/] Failed to adjust OOM score of renderer with pid 43850: Permission denied (13)
/usr/share/libdrm/amdgpu.ids: No such file or directory
Starting auto update with base URL:
Auto update not supported on this platform
[43725:0205/] Failed to adjust OOM score of renderer with pid 43920: Permission denied (13)
Fetching translation json for locale: en_EN
Changing application language to en
Fetching translation json for locale: en
Resetting the UI components after locale change
Resetting the UI components after locale change
Changing application language to en
Fetching translation json for locale: en
Resetting the UI components after locale change
zsh: trace trap (core dumped)  element-desktop
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It seems your issue is specific to AMD graphics.

@kenvandine maintains the snap. Bugtracker is here:

I would love for this snap to become part of Snapcrafters so we can all help maintaining it.


There is also

A matrix client made with flutter :slight_smile:


Hi all, we are ready to enable federation on the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver.

Federation proxy has been tested in staging instance last week and over the weekend and we are happy to move it to production.

  • Federation testing starts today at 2PM UTC (one hour from now)
  • Synapse will need to be restarted once, expect brief downtime while synapse restarts
  • Expect brief, intermittent federation outages between 2PM UTC and 4PM UTC.
  • As soon as we are happy with the results, we will communicate end of federation test

Thank you so much to everyone involved in the federation tests today. Today’s update was quite long so I decided to have it in a dedicated post: Ubuntu Matrix homeserver: Go Live

Keep up the enthusiasm and the engagement, thank you all for your great contributions to this project! :tada:


Do you think that Matrix can be a great tool to interact with the Ubuntu Community?

Matrix, is a really great tool for collaboration. I mostly find it like Slack, ability to create spaces/rooms and manage. Also a variety of client options which also provides flexibility.
It is a great protocol! But… I don’t find it suitable for this purpose.

  1. E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) is really problematic. You might not be able to see some messages. So we already disqualified one of the best Matrix features already.
  2. Spamming and other stuff. Since it is self-hostable and totally free, then it means some bad stuff is going to happen. Although it can be prevented with management bots, (e.g. Mjolnir) there still are a lot of stuff you guys need to take care off to have a friendly/non-toxic environment.
  3. Activity. I don’t think Matrix spaces/rooms of yours will be more active than other platforms had achieved. Since I don’t think people will just check their Matrix account for Ubuntu and more nerd stuff. As myself, I want everything in one place and uncluttered. I would be able to check memes, news, hobbies, chats… And Matrix isn’t for that.

Have you used or managed Matrix before? If so, what did you like, what did you not, and how does it compare to other chat platforms you have used?

I have been actively using Matrix for over 2 years. I liked the “privacy, self-hostable and multiple server implementations” -we call them homeservers- (e.g. Dendrite). I was looking for decentralized “social” platforms for messaging/chatting and mostly tinkering purposes. I still think that Matrix is the best amongst IRC, XMPP etc.

I also am managing a homeserver. Just for me and my friends. Making public instances require great amount of money and time, I don’t have those.