Mockups/new design discussions

Any news on this problem? Looks like it hit the whole industry very hard…

Yes, I like that - It’s stylish (with the same hover effect like buttons) and a little more padding will also bring a more mature and more confident look. Blue is maybe too much, yes.

Combination - Ambiance is too much for such a simple orientation help. Orange or blue, we’ll see^^ but the gray is not enough…

I like the actual buttons more (because of the shadow like look). It seems the actual design is not translating nicely to any color - which is sad. Sure the shadow effect works best on bright grey/white, but can’t we separate the styles for grey and other color buttons? But we can give it a try (if already implemented) in the wild to test it.

Here I’m with @c-lobrano - it is a selection and so the meaning is not false. Again the orange blue thing^^


Oh, I bumped into this yesterday and I actually didn’t realize that it meant “selected” instead of “dangerous” I wondered what was dangerous about what I was doing.

I think this case shows that orange might not be the best color for “selection”. The orange “cancel” button for example resembles the red “destructive action” button way too much.

Maybe it’s a good idea to just drop the dark variant for now? It gives us more time for the light theme, and we’re not quite sure what route Gnome will take with their dark theme atm… What do you guys think?

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I agree for the following reasons:

  1. IMO we are actually making a (quite) dark theme already :slight_smile:
  2. thinking about another theme can limit our choices without an actual return

that said, I’d love to keep the last @godlyranchdressing button mockup :smile:, I’m not a big fan of current buttons actually


Just wanted to say that I caught up on the discussion and I love what’s happening here :slight_smile: A lot a good forth and back, exchanges and improvments!

Not a fan of the blue for sliders (quite different from ubuntu identity IMHO), but we can chat about this anyway :wink:

I’ll fix up the packaging and instructions for making installing the theme easier (once the builders are up again, of course!) Just wanted to tell I’m thrilled about the progress seen here!


Hey @didrocks, welcome back!

That’s a good point because we are discussing the use of the blue at the moment and to go more with the Suru design (which includes the blue in certain elements) and use the Ubuntu orange more as branding color.

  • So will it be a problem to switch to the blue for selections, focused elements and so on, like in Suru?
  • What are your thoughts about bringing more Suru into the design? Are you (and the Ubuntu team) more a fan of Ambiance? Would you not allow a completely different design to still deliver more of the Ubuntu feeling, or is there a possibility to have a whole redesign like in Suru (translated to Gnome…)?

If this is a problem or a no-go to implement into the system, we can stop worrying about it.

And a question from me concerning the Dock:
I would like to adjust the Dock a little, if possible. I have already suggested this, because the actual Dock would need some adjustment to have a better overview and look. Like shrinking the icons a little, give the indicator points more space…



Hey hey :wink:

I don’t think it’s an issue in general, anyway, it can be changed later on if needed. I would say, let’s go wild, see how you can push the new design while still making it feel like ubuntu :slight_smile: However, that would be an argument in favor of putting the new theme only as an option for 18.04 (easy instructions to install with). Indeed, it’s a LTS, there is already quite some changes for people upgrading from the previous LTS, 16.04 (Unity -> GNOME Shell), and keeping the current theme with some small fixes (Ambiance) may help keeping some landmarks for upgraders on that LTS cycle? We can also offer the new theme for people who wants to change, collect feedbacks, refine and shipping it by default for 18.10? Just a thought!

So yeah, in summary, let’s go wild for now, didn’t want to restrain the possibilities and nothing is set in stone :wink:

Some values are gsettings parameters, so easily changeable. Most of the content should be changeable via the css anyway (by disabling apply-custom-theme). I’m happy to help if needed there! But indeed, as long as it’s size changes/colors/look, it’s fully doable. For things hardcoded, we can work with dash to dock upstream as well to change/make parameterizable anything we need.

All of the above makes sense?

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With the way the SASS is written up the dark theme is sort of a passive development/byproduct of the light theme. Honestly, I’d feel kind of weird just ignoring it when it’s right there. Regardless, I’ll work on it in a separate branch for now if that’s better.

The new buttons should solve some problems I noticed, but with the buttons being lighter, that might require the background to be lightened as well to preserve contrast. I guess we can test and see.

Also, please say if something looks crappy! I’ll take no offense and I doubt anyone else would, it’s all for refinement and improvement.

Hi @didrocks. To be honest, that’s kind of what I was expecting even when the announcement was first made. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think what couldn’t be done with the dock that we were wondering about (or maybe we scrapped it) was replacing the orange dot for running applications with a grey dot unless the program is focused. Would that be possible?


Hey @didrocks, welcome back!

nice idea, +1 for that

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That doesn’t sound that crazy. If you file a bug in dash to dock upstream git repo, I’m even happy to add that option myself if it feels important in noticing running apps :slight_smile:


On the topic of blue as the “activity indication” color, I’m not sure if this is the “let’s go wild” path Didrocks mentioned, but we could use all blue (and green and red). That is what I’m taking away from Unity8 and perhaps it lacks a bit of Ubuntu feeling (orange and brown :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but it feels very clean to me.

Did you guys see all this work Alex Milazzo posted here?


If this is the dots you are referring to @godlyranchdressing, I would say we scrapped that.

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I like both orange and blue, but I think we need a “theory” or a “system” to define what should be blue and what should be orange, so that there’s some consistency.

Anyone has any ideas?


Absolutely! @merlijn-sebrechts

With Unity8 as inspiration, I would think the following would be a good guideline: (a direct quote from @luxamman who, as always, has put this into a thousand words :grin:)

  • Orange - on window close buttons, app indicator points, Ubuntu apps icons, app launcher icons… and everything that is related to Ubuntu as a branding (and maybe more points to bring more branding to the system in case we loose the Ubuntu feeling too much)
  • Blue and blue gradations - indicators and selections for direct user interactions or focus - like volume slider, breadcrumbs underline in “Files”, folder/bookmark selection in “Files” as a border only like Suru, selections in “Settings” and so on, focus on elements like search input field in “files”, files selection frame with mouse, selected apps and folders, and more similar stuff… also maybe the “selected” color like we found in “Software Center” when selecting a few apps to delete which could be just a slight blue.
  • Grey and gray gradations - like now as hover/underlayer for apps, files, buttons and so on. Also for right-click menus (maybe also try to use the blue border for selected stuff which is pure orange now if the Suru way is not working)…

And adding to that from this post:

  • Gray for disabled elements (like toggles, comboboxes, textfields. …)
  • Green for the ON toggle to give it a meaningful color.

this definition is quite blurry to me. If the goal is to avoid being overwhelmed by orange, we can try move the color from the background to the borders only

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Agreed, let me try to dig up some design work done for Unity8 from the archive and I’ll post them here :slight_smile: Could be a good reference.




The colored background is available as experimental feature and it’s really good :smiley:


@merlijn-sebrechts & @didrocks - when will it back online/enabled?

Course, we will make nice progress in the next weeks and your feedback and help will be very welcome to improve the theme. We still trying some designs and had a long hangout yesterday.
For me the change from Unity to Gnome is a big step for a lot of people (working with 16.04. or even 14.04 now), but it should also be seen as an opportunity IMHO: If you have to get used to a new system like Gnome, then getting used to a new design in the habituation process is included and can be further improved from then on. Instead of having two habituation processes.

Little heavy with the pure orange but good to know there IS a way!


The build farm back (in a limited capacity, so expect some delays), but you can find latest fresh builds already in the PPA!

Sure, both ways are valid :slight_smile: Nothing is set in stone though, let’s see how this progress and how the team feel about it once closer to decision time (knowing that if it ships on the LTS by UI Freeze, no visual modifications is permitted after this and it will be the design for 5 years on that LTS version). If we try a more gradual approach, we can even ship it on the iso, just not set it by default (but available in Tweaks and adding the session package).

Anyway, let me restate I’m really thrilled with the progress and it’s even better than what I was expecting when going on holidays! Awesome team :slight_smile: