Maybe, it's time to drop the "Unity look" from default Ubuntu?

I agree with you. But others won’t. :slight_smile:

It’s not about being unique. Personally, I would be very happy if other distros started to pick up the useful customizations Ubuntu has added to its implementation of GNOME.

The Ubuntu Desktop team believes our customizations are best for our audience. We think other people would benefit from them too!

It’s not like we’re intentionally trying to obfuscate our customizations and we just are so clumsy at it that you’re able to easily thwart us.


The screeny here is NOT Ubuntu, but looks like it. There the dock was hidden. Below is the same distro with all 3 extensions, but with different theme and icons.

Ubuntu is about being unique.

I close my case!

Which nobody here understands what actually is.


I agree. Let’s close this thread.


Upon review, this thread seems to have run it’s course. Closing before it degenerates into name-calling,.