Lunar Lobster (23.04) Release Status Tracking

This page is the canonical tracking document for the upcoming Lunar Lobster release. It’s a live document. The Ubuntu release team will be updating it as we work on releasing 23.04.


  • Released


  • Released on April 20th

Current blockers

Bugs to watch

Bugs which are fixed but need verifying

Misc information

Packages for 0-day SRU

  • ubuntu-release-upgrader 23.04.6 removes the suppression of crash reports from tracker-extract-3 during the release upgrade process.
  • openjdk-17
  • tepl is missing translations and should be released to -updates ASAP

Packages for regular SRUs

  • mdadm should be a regular SRU (per bdmurray)
  • mutter should be a regular SRU (per bdmurray and sil2100)
  • curl should be a regular SRU (per bdmurray)

Release checklist