LoCo council and loco teams resurrection

Not necessarily self-driven (or fully serlf-driven), but autonomous (as they have actually been so far). I do think there’s a role for teams that are not regional in definition and even to a LoCo Council, and the Ubuntu Community Team in setting direction, porpose policy and directives on the aspects that make sense to be more centralized, and to facilitate cooperation and dialogue across teams, always taking into consideration feedback from the LoCos.

Getting back to the ubuntu-pt-woman, example, I do beleive that the there’s a role of cooperative leadership from ubuntu-woman (proposing and boosing projects/ideas/tasks/people, setting up cooperation with other teams), where the Ubuntu-pt-woman should also be integrated (at least some ideally most of them), and had an active voice, and a role for Ubuntu-pt as a local sponsor facilitating their activitiy as much as possible, to and integrate the ubuntu-pt-woman representatives within the ubuntu-pt leadership.

Now I really wish there was a real Ubuntu-pt-woman…


Agreed… :slight_smile: right now we had two types of loco models till the loco council got inactive

The US ubuntu loco model for larger countries/geographies where each state has a loco team under the Ubuntu US umbrella…

The country loco model for smaller countries or geographies

So by self driven i meant autonomous :slight_smile:

Is there any other sort of team structure you can think of which can be beneficial?

Btw, you can start ubuntu-pt-women too now (one of the feedbacks was how to get women involved in the community) and could be a great case study for future Ubuntu summits :slight_smile:



I have created an open team on launchpad called loco reboot enthusiasts for a start and interested people can hop in :slight_smile:

Loco ecosystem reboot team



In terms of timeline, here’s my thought:
Build out LoCo category and subcategories – End of June → Early July
Create new LoCo frontend – Early July → Mid July
Review and post updated LoCo documentation - Mid July → Early August
Announcement and promotion of rebooted LoCo program - Mid August

Once we have that phase completed, we can look into expanding our Indico events platform for use for LoCo events and maybe integrate it into the frontend.

If that timeline seems reasonable to everyone here, I’m happy to get started immediately. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thank you for setting this up!


Looks perfect. Thanks for the timeline :slight_smile:

A start is worth something and we can always improvise on the fly.

I am going to create a project and few bugs on launchpad for a milestone based approach and I can also have a look at the existing loco documentation for any updates and regarding the loco portal update, we can always discuss on the bug or on here :slight_smile:

So I am going to open up few wishlist bugs for the same today :blush:



Have created the project here

With the team as the driver and maintainer (had to update the team as a moderated team to set the team as the driver and opened up few wishlist bugs for the same


June 27 Update

What’s been done

  • Our team has created the new LoCo Category along with a handful of subcategories for teams that have been active within the past year on the existing LoCo portal.
  • We’ve also created the LoCo Docs Subcateogry that can serve as the new hub for LoCo specific documentation. It will also act as the home for the index that will generate the new LoCo frontend.
  • There is a new LoCo Leaders Group that can be assigned to LoCo leads and have associated category permissions and authority.

Next Steps

  • Creation of LoCo index and link to Ubuntu Community frontend.
  • Creation of key LoCo frontend pages (About LoCos, LoCo Directory, LoCo FAQ, etc.)
  • LoCo Reboot Team Call to Action - We should let the Community know of our effort and start building up some hype. This will also give us an opportunity to get a better headcount of what all LoCos are active and which are truly dormant. @bhavi would you like to be the author of that message as the leader of this effort?

LoCo Reboot Team Meetings

It may be beneficial to setup some regular meetings to discuss the LoCo revitalization efforts. This can be open to the community and we can share the meeting notes on here. What do you all think?


Looks great @aaronprisk

i am reviewing the existing loco documentation now and will start updating the category soon.

I am also available for any meeting and will send out a call for action mail today to the ubuntu-news team and the loco-contacts mailing list.

Thanks again!

Aware of the effort and following - will promote in the Newsletter as much as possible - including in the Newsletter, the content must be of a newsworthy nature.



Agreed @bashing-om

But loco ecosystem reboot efforts are underway. :slight_smile:

A post for an appeal for interested people to join the team for a start will be good i think :slight_smile:


@aaronprisk and other people who are interested :slight_smile:

Have shared a draft on the LoCo team verification/reverification process here

Kindly request you to let me know your thoughts on the same.

I am working on the other docs in the meanwhile :slight_smile:



Below is the feedback from @ian-weisser regarding the loco verification process as the number of active locos right now are low

  • A single topic (thread) for all verification/re-verification for a defined period (say perhaps two years).

  • Have the LoCo Council members subscribe to the current topic. Bookmarking and notification tools are at the bottom of each topic.

  • The LoCo seeking approval simply adds a post to the topic with their verification or reverification criteria.

  • LoCo Council public discussion and response can take place in the same topic.

At the end of the period, archive that topic and open a new topic for the next period. Archived topics are closed (no new posts), searchable, and immutable.

If a lot of of discussion occurs, and folks want to split out different discussions into different topics, you can simply flag the topic for a mod…or just PM me. I get round to most such requests typically within 24 hours.

If the number of active LoCos grows and you need more structure to keep discussions on-track, it’s very simple to shift to something like a multithread approach.

I agree on this for now as a centralised approach will help things get done faster due to low number of teams being active.

When more and more teams become active we can use a decentralised approach as a verification thread under the particular loco team.



This is great news. I have been asking for the UK LoCo to live again for sometime. Hopefully this will nudge someone involved to do something to get it active again.

Keep up the good work. :+1:


I like this verification approach. It’s straightforward and scalable.

In terms of indicating which teams are currently verified, we could simply change the color of their subcategory along with an icon of some sorts beside their name in the directory (similar to what we do now in the old portal). I’m also going to look at creating some custom badges for verified LoCos that will be awarded to participants in those teams.

In regards to the docs, I would ask everyone that we utilize some standard markdown formatting. It tends to look the best and aligns with our Community frontend.


Thanks! Will edit the topic to include the single thread for now and also use markdown guidelines :slight_smile:


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I’m working on a new topic to serve as the Loco Team Directory and I’d like to hear everyone’s input on a few items:

  • Do we list only the currently active LoCos OR all the LoCo’s from the old portal? If I’m a passionate community member and I want to join my local team to find that it’s been inactive for a long time, I may become immediately disheartened. However, I may see a defunct LoCo and be inspired to want to take over and breathe new life into it. That immediate impression is important.

  • Which leads to the second question for consideration is the process by which LoCo ownership is handled. If I’m a passionate Ubuntu user and would like to request ownership over a long defunct LoCo, what is the process and who ultimately can make that call?


My Opinion:

Only current, active LoCos should be listed.

Breathing new life: Just link to the following, which have the contact information for the caretakers --if any-- of inactive teams. Don’t bother linking to the pages of each dormant team; each of these sites has an index somewhere already:

  • UbuntuForums LoCo section
  • Launchpad LoCo teams page
  • Ubuntu Wiki LoCo section(s)

Ownership: For my own US-WI LoCo (inactive), ownership is simply whoever has the following, most of which are simply handed to the next fellow who wants to take a swing at it:

  1. Admin/Ownership of the Launchpad Team
  2. The lists.ubuntu.com mailing list admin password
  3. The lists.ubuntu.com mailing list moderator password
  4. Wiki write permission (Ubuntu Membership)

Perhaps, We can hide inactive LoCos under something like “Show more” button


Agreed or let’s list the active loco teams for now and if possible an option would be that the inactive loco leaders can add updated information about their locos themselves on the directory and +1 to @ian-weisser for the input on handling the ownership.

Whoever has the credentials can take over and update the information.



July 28 Update

What’s been done

  • Some key LoCo Documentation has been revised and added to the LoCo Docs subcategory.
  • We’ve created various subcategories by request of active LoCo groups.
  • Built out a Discourse Docs index to serve LoCo docs via Ubuntu Community frontend.

Next Steps

  • Documentation for the process of Changing LoCo Ownership.
  • FAQ documentation for commonly asked LoCo questions.
  • LoCo perks and benefits documentation. (Could be added to verification documentation)
  • Link LoCo documentation in ubuntu.com/community post LoCo Rebooter Team Review.

LoCo Rebooters Review

We’ve been making some great strides and have been receiving a lot of positive feedback and interest from folks looking to build up LoCos in their area. I’d ask that Rebooter folks give the recent documentation a review and feel free to make any improvements. Also, if you feel we’re missing some documentation, feel free to create a topic with that information.

LoCo Rebooters Telegram Group

For anyone who would like to help in the LoCo Reboot effort, we welcome you to join the conversation here and now on the LoCo Rebooters Telegram Group.