Lightweight Kubernetes in the enterprise

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The adoption of Kubernetes is growing as organizations seek to effectively manage containers, microservices and distributed applications that run across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, as well as at the edge. Streamlined versions of Kubernetes have already been widely recognised as a secure, flexible and automated edge for IoT developers. But the enterprise sector now needs the business models and technology primitives to turn IoT and edge pilot projects into production for millions or billions of devices. Therefore, it is now essential for lightweight Kubernetes distributions to incorporate enterprise-class features necessary to support production deployment at scale.

Read this report from analyst firm, 451 Research, to learn more including:

  • The extended use cases of lightweight Kubernetes with autonomous high-availability clustering
  • Why MicroK8s’ HA means greater reliability, reduced operational overhead, and improved security for enterprises
  • How Mavencode uses MicroK8s to improve its ML pipeline