Known issues with Firefox Snap?

  1. I’m really not interested in any flamewars. :wink: So let’s stick to this exact question…

Is there a list of known issues with the new Firefox Snap? I assume there are a number of quirks etc… ?

I think the best place to look up such things is the Mozilla Bugtracker.

The development takes place in the upstream project, and so this is the canonical resource for snap related issues.


Indeed the upstream bug tracker is the right place. Note that there’s a meta bug for snap issues. Filing bugs against the Ubuntu package in Launchpad is also OK, we’ll triage and convert to upstream bugs as appropriate.

There are indeed quirks and regressions compared to the deb package, and we intend to work towards fixing as many as possible in time for Ubuntu 22.04, so bug reports are welcome!


It generally works fine, but the issues I’ve come across are:

  1. it complains about “ptrace” access if you look in dmesg
  2. Video acceleration is blocked
  3. Gnome extensions interface is blocked

2 is being fixed I think

Not a known problem, would you mind filing a bug to have it looked at?

This is a known bug, for which a fix is being prepared.

Also a known bug, which is actively being worked on, although the solution is more complex as it involves multiple components. But it is on the priority list.

The link to the bug report is broken. Which bug tracker should I use?

Sorry, my bad, I fixed the link now (we use the upstream bug tracker). Thanks in advance!