Just being myself


I at this time as I write this am trying to resolve the real life issues that are preventing me at this time from participating and helping to contribute to both Ubuntu Unity and also Ubuntu. Nevertheless, I just want to take this small moment to be able to openly talk to you about some of the things that I didn’t have the opportunity to talk and discuss with you before all this happened.

1 - The question of how we treat our present

Being in a project, regardless of what it is, can often generate concerns that can at times get out of control and affect our real life as a whole. I say this because it is not nice to think more about the past and the future and forget about the present, the moment we are here now. I know that there are a number of priorities to take into account, but if we forget to focus on the now, it is very difficult to deal with the past and it doesn’t help to build a good future. There come certain times when you get tired of reading and listening to things like: “what if, there is this possibility” or even “it will be like this in the future”, or also “because of what happened in the past, we are like this today”. I know that everyone has a different experience, but letting these worries take the place of the present moment makes it practically impossible to have any chance of doing something better or to look for alternatives by which everyone can improve themselves, be it with a skill, a way of being more open, of being a better person every new day. The present is the most important thing, and it must be valued so that we can all learn new things and be better people both for our family and for the world itself.

2 - The question of how we deal with the Internet and the virtual environment

In fact, the Internet has greatly changed all our lives and thanks to it we can talk to anyone from one or several places without having to leave home and do many of the things we currently do using it as the main base. However, just as it can be delightful and one of the best things that have ever been invented, it can also become a danger and turn against ourselves because of a number of factors that end up leading to this happening. There is a lot of lack of respect, lack of empathy, lack of understanding that ends up also affecting our real life and the way we deal with everyday situations. The biggest concern in relation to what I am talking about is also this issue that is currently generating long debates in some places: the metaverse, the virtual environment and its high valuation in detriment to real life.

In my personal opinion, I don’t like the proposal of the metaverse because it can make people who suffer from addictions to games and social networks end up thinking that living life is always being connected to a virtual environment, completely forgetting to live the real life as it is, and this can leave them permanently dependent. It would be more or less like this: you enter a virtual environment and because of this you have not want him exit.

In the virtual environment there are many people who use fake profiles with the intention of being able to throw things on the Internet that they could never talk about in real life for fear of being penalized, and by doing this they end up causing the toxicity to increase and it becomes practically impossible to talk or come to an understanding about many of the things that happen daily, also making it open to more illicit actions without there being any kind of moderation or content filter.

As Ubuntu is currently focused on the cloud and other sectors such as AI, I think it is important to talk about this, since as many of the things involve this issue of the virtual environment itself, leaving real life aside can affect how we interact socially with other people and how we see ourselves as ourselves when the computer, notebook, tablet or cell phone is turned off and when we are in ceremonies where being connected to the Internet is not something of great importance. but rather living in the present moment.

I bring this up also because even with all that I am going through, I am also concerned about Rudra, Ricky, Maik and Tobiyo because I don’t want the Internet to stop all 4 of them from following their dreams and doing the things that they love most. It may seem a little unimportant, but I care about them and even though they are far away I please every day that they will be well and that nothing bad will happen, that they will always have the willpower to overcomethe obstacles and challenges that lie ahead. I really hope that this year the 5 of us can be together again on Telegram as soon as all this is resolved and I can continue to learn more new things from them and from both the Ubuntu and Ubuntu Unity communities.

3 - The meaning of Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS wallpapers - Jammy Jellyfish and the question of the community as a whole

When I developed the wallpapers for the current LTS version of Ubuntu Unity, I thought a lot about doing something that could remind users of the distro and the community that real life, unity, cooperation and the simplest things and feelings are important, so that everything we do can always be in harmony and always reinforce the bonds of unity, empathy, respect for others and positive things that can awaken the creativity and willpower of everyone who uses the distro. I think it is very important to bring these messages at a time when we need to listen to each other more, try to understand each other, try to be more open so that people can also have a voice and help build a community and a better environment every day for everyone.

I hope in the future when all of this is resolved, to check some of the things that are pending in relation to this issue and to be able to increase more the amount of people who feel welcome in the UU community and to be open to new opportunities that will allow the project to grow and to make the community a major player in all of this that is being done.

I don’t know how my relationship with the Ubuntu Portugal community will be when I return because of some things that have happened and also because I can no longer stand being ignored and having several ideas and feeling alone when it comes time to discuss them with any member of the community and that is no really open to what I would like to say and share. I am not going to keep trying to convince a group of people who live on the other side of the Atlantic of something that I believe might be feasible and share with them my accomplishments within the Ubuntu community in general. I tried to do what was within my power and failed, so I want to be a better person and be in the places where I really feel I have a voice and my contributions can make a difference and help members of the Ubuntu community at large who need it.
I’m not angry and I’m not upset, it’s just that for me, for my psychological, it doesn’t work well.

I wrote all of this because I also felt the need to vent and be honest with you about all of these situations that I’ve put here, I really hope you understand what I said and I hope to be able to when I get back to doing things in the right way. different, but being a better person and not having to go through more situations where I feel ignored, in a moment of tension or where that I end up making a serious mistake by accident.

Thanks for reading to the end and I hope to come back soon.