John Chittum (jchittum/j5awry) | Membership Application


General Background

  • Ubuntu server user since 2014, formerly a systems engineer of Ubuntu systems, then devops engineer doing a large geographically distributed setup of Ubuntu servers
  • Maintaned large ansible playbooks for installing services and maintaining Ubuntu servers.
  • reformed classical musician that switched to IT and software engineering later in life

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Currently manager on the Public Cloud team at Canonical
  • past commits to livecd-rootfs for ubuntu-cpc project
  • recent contribution to cloud-init, fixing FIPS support for ubuntu-advantage
  • lots of contribution to cloud images, including creating the Oracle Cloud ARM image
  • help manage the cloud-images bug tracker on launchpad
  • regular community engagement in Kansas City groups (such as KCLUG and ), on, and numerous workspaces across many chat providers

Plans and Ideas to Contributing to Ubuntu

  • Continue working with contributors on ubuntu-image, bringing an easier way to create Ubuntu images.
  • pursue uploader rights to livecd-rootfs. While my current contributions seems small, our team has an internal package that adds a lot of hooks, and I’ve been a primary contributor and recently helped lead our re-architecture.
  • Create easier ways for end users to create custom configured cloud images. Not just basing on an image created by Canonical, but a much easier “From Scratch” process.
  • Contribute more to the open source side of Ubuntu – more cloud-init, move currently closed source tools to be open sourced
  • Mentor and introduce Ubuntu to more people in the Kansas City area. I already mentor with various bootcamps and non-profits, so trying to bring more Linux and Ubuntu to those experiences.

I +1 @jchittum’s application for Ubuntu membership.

I have worked with and under John on the Canonical Public Cloud team for quite a while now and he is an excellent engineer and manager dedicated to making Ubuntu in the cloud better for end users on whichever platform they might be using.

John has great vision for how to improve Ubuntu in the cloud and I trust him to deliver. Granting Ubuntu membership is the least we can do as a thank you for his efforts.


I had the immense pleasure of meeting John in person during a drive from Kansas City to Denver this last summer, and he came to a lunch as part of his Local User Group. He’s absolutely passionate about what he does, and I think that membership would definitely be a foundation for his future plans, which will increase access to parts of the project and tooling that are currently not easily accessible - an extremely important goal that can benefit so many in the Ubuntu community. So an enthusiastic endorsement for me - and @jchittum you didn’t even have to bribe me with some of the Joe’s BBQ sauce!

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I have worked with John in his capacity as a member of the Certified Public Cloud team at Canonical. I am comfortable that he has a good understanding of, and is aligned with, the vision of the Ubuntu community.

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Hello jchittum.

It is gratifying that you undertake this next step. I look forward to processing your application.


+1 I have the pleasure of working with @jchittum on a daily basis. He’s not only a skilled engineer, but he’s passionate about helping Ubuntu thrive!

Make welcome our newest member, jchittum. He was unanimously voted in by the Ubuntu Membership Board’s meeting on 03 February; in recognition of sustained contributions.

Well done :slight_smile:


congratulations jchittum :muscle: :wink: :+1: