Is the demo service down?

(Also see Debugging the demo service)

Here is a list of useful steps that you can do to check if the demo service is down or not:

:heavy_check_mark: Scroll the irc #web-team channel: Was this already mentioned?

  • Yes: then someone might already be working on it
  • No: continue the steps

:heavy_check_mark: Go on another pull-request: is the demo still alive?

  • No: The demo service is down!
  • Yes: continue the steps

:heavy_check_mark: Try to restart my demo:

  • It starts: good
  • It doesn’t start: continue the steps

:heavy_check_mark: Was there a python/run change?

  • Check the code: maybe there is a code error
  • Everything is fine: continue the steps

:heavy_check_mark: Try locally: pull the code locally and try to run the project

  • It doesn’t work: there might be a code error. Check the terminal
  • It works: then there might be an issue with the demo service

It seems to be down

If you reached the last step then check the support person (in the irc channel #web-team topic). You can contact that person and give details: what step did it failed? Did you had an error? etc.

(Also see Debugging the demo service)

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