Install Ubuntu desktop

Perhaps in Drive Management/Installation Type, it would be helpful to show what to choose to install Ubuntu on its own disk/SSD, i.e. a device dedicated to Ubuntu, separate from the device holding Windows. Does one “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” or does one choose “Something else”? Is it necessary to erase the Ubuntu disk/SSD before starting installation?

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BalenaEtcher has an option to “Flash from URL”, which is a lot simpler, and likely a lot quicker, then the tutorial’s current method of downloading the ISO and then flashing it.

That said, I’m not sure what URL one could put in to BalenaEtcher, in order to download the Ubuntu ISO from the nearest mirror


URL of Ubuntu 22.04.1 download.

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I have tried to use this tutorial, but needed one step that is actually stated not to be in scope ;(. But what does one do if there is a need of having 2 or more boot partitions for let say Ubuntu, QNX and Windows. And You start with Ubuntu. I can easily make the partitions, but then Ubuntu stops and say “No file system. You need to format.” But I do not have that option. Sorry to say, but this initial part was much easier on OS/2, DOS and Windows. Could You do a partitioning (and format) guide for Linux dummies ? When up running, it is easy to for mat a disk, but I need this option way before that :).

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For sure I can partition the disk in Windows 10 or DOS 5.5, but that is not what I would expect from Linux, if that was needed.

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Could you please provide a multiple-language version? We have a project that has to be built on a Linux-based OS. And we need to provide a quick-start guide for users. Most of them are Windows users, so the first step of the guide should be how to install a Linux-based OS.

“Install Ubuntu desktop” will be quite useful for us if you provide multiple language versions (especially the simplified Chinese version).

Install Ubuntu desktop
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Just tried to follow the instructions for burning the latest LTS Desktop Image ISO to DVD.
Windows 10 22H2 informs me that the file is too big and won’t fit on this disk.
Disk was a blank Sony 4.7GB DVD+R
Can somebody confirm that the current ISO at 4.58 GB will actually burn to DVD?

Step 2 of " Install Ubuntu desktop", “Download an Ubuntu Image”, does not have a link to the “Verify your download/ISO” instructions.
I navigated to this page looking for that specifically, and I was surprised it wasn’t there.

How to verify your Ubuntu download

You need a dual layer dvd as the iso has gotten bigger because dvd use is rare these days. Otherwise use the 22.04.1 iso which is 3.6 gb:

Or, if avaliable, you could just use a USB.

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@rakeop, thanks for the heads up on why, I ended up burning to USB in the end using Balena Etcher as per the How to. I used to use DVD as the default install medium on older machines because booting from USB was sometimes a bit iffy on older bios versions. Guess I just fell into a habit.
All the best

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My installation was v18 LTS. The Software Updater would not complete - could not fetch packages from a baked-in name or IP address. Software Updater never get further. Therefore, no option to upgrade Ubuntu in place was ever offered. The only option was to do an installation.

I need to retain my HOME folder, but installation deletes it. I believe there should be a choice to retain HOME when installation option is chosen. This has turned into a full day ordeal!

Now I need to back up HOME, install v22 LTS, and figure out a way to copy HOME into the fresh install. Ugh - a day lost.

I am open to any guidance for this process.

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“This is not for technical support questions”

balenaEtcher no longer at linked destination, is instead

The desktop installer might download an update via the snap store and restart the installation process. Some of our users have found this difference from the tutorial to be jarring – could we add the screenshots of the installer self-updating and restarting from the beginning?


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The BitLocker section should be updated with how to decrypt/remove BitLocker from the command line manage-bde c: -off. this is especially useful if BitLocker is “waiting for activation”:

Currently the installer does not auto-update: Bug #2047034 “Noble ubuntu-desktop-installer does not refresh” : Bugs : subiquity