Install Ubuntu desktop 18.04

have you clicked the link that says

if you pick Create a bootable USB stick on Windows on the page it takes you to, you have the full instructions about installing rufus and how to use it with the image on windows …

Maybe I could have explained this more clearly, but I think you are missing the point here.
Ubuntu has a tutorial about how to install their product, and this is the tutorial we are commenting on. This tutorial is leaving out key information, i.e., how to make the usb bootable. It does not matter that there are “several [other] tutorials” that are linked to earlier on in the article because they are not linked to in the page users are expecting this information to be, i.e., the one that talks about booting from a usb.

Are you aware that the line i linked is the last line of the Requirements paragraph of exactly this tutorial ?

i’m not really sure what you are complaining about here, should it move somewhere else ?

would you pull all 6-8 tutorials for all different ways to write (note, there is nothing to be “made bootable”, the image is already bootable, you just write it raw to a device) a USB stick on mac, windows and all possible linux distros into this tutorial directly instead (making it pretty much unreadable) ?

do you want blink tags somewhere to highlight the link more or should the sentence be re-phrased ?

what exactly is your suggestion for improvement ?

if you’d just quote the block you want changed and show us the changes you’d like to see i think things would be easier …

re “last line of requirements paragraph”: I referenced this in my last comment, although, admittedly, edited it in post hoc, so you might not have seen that yet.

re “what am I complaining about”: given the last two comments I wrote, I actually have no idea how I could have made this more clear.

re “suggestion for improvement”: this should also be very obvious given the last two comments as well, and I can’t believe I am actually needing to type this out. Obviously, the tutorial should instruct users how to make their USB bootable in the one section that is specifically about booting a USB.

EDIT: Actually, in hindsight, I can see how I was maybe a bit unclear about what my suggestion was since, in the original comment, I didn’t see and never mentioned those linked at the end of the “requirements” section. Still, despite this error, I think it should be very clear what it is that is needing to be done here.

“Most computers will boot from USB automatically. Simply insert the USB flash drive and either power on your computer or restart it.”

you might as well say “push the button on the front of your computer”

when searching for “ubuntu create bootable USB” this inane directions shows up twice, if I already had a bootable usb I would not be searching for how to make one.
ok that is my rage / quit for today.

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We also have several tutorials that explain how to create an Ubuntu DVD or USB flash drive.

Thanks for pointing out that section, ogra. I missed that line entirely when I read the official version at

Note that that page also has this requirement:

Have access to either a DVD or a USB flash drive containing the version of Ubuntu you want to install.

I just downloaded the ISO to a thumb drive. It thus meets the description, since it contains the version I want, so I didn’t dig in to the instructions you reference.

I suggest changing that earlier line to be much more specific about the need for a “bootable USB drive” or the like, as so many other people here have noted.

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Hi folks, I’ve read through this thread and taken onboard all the feedback for a refreshed tutorial which you can find here. Some of the changes:

*Added a semi-guided iso burning step in addition to clearly calling out the existing external tutorials
*Added encyption as a step
*Added an update your system step
*Added a link to an external dual boot setup tutorial (I’ll do an in house one down the line)
*All updated with 20.04 images
*Dropped the DVD flow altogether

Any feedback on the new tutorial would be appreciated, we’re working on swapping it into the site and renaming this one the “18.04” tutorial going forward.