Install PulseAudio

The PulseAudio snap is available from the Ubuntu Store. It can be installed on any system that supports snaps but is only recommended on Ubuntu Core at the moment.

You can install the snap with the following command:

$ snap install pulseaudio pulseaudio 8.0-3 from ‘canonical’ installed

Although the pulseaudio snap is available from other channels (candidate, beta, edge), only the stable version should be used for production devices. The purpose of the other channels is for internal use for the development team of the pulseaudio snap.

All necessary plugs and slots will be automatically connected within the installation process. You can verify this with:

$ snap interfaces pulseaudio Slot Plug :network pulseaudio pulseaudio:service pulseaudio:client - pulseaudio:home

Please note that we do not connect the home plug of the PulseAudio snap by default. This is because normally you will use another snap to play audio through PulseAudio and then PulseAudio itself does not need any access to something outside of its snap as the playing snap will submits its audio data over network or memory based transport. If you want to use the included parec or paplay utilities you have to connect the home plug as otherwise both can only read/write data within the PulseAudio snap and nowhere else. You can connect it via:

$ snap connect pulseaudio:home core

Now you have PulseAudio successfully installed.

Next Steps