Install GApps Anbox Cloud

HI There,
I’m new here
We have done a setup of Anbox cloud in AWS
All is working fine
The only issue is missing play store service for the apps to run
We are using Anbox cloud mainly for app testing
Can anyone help me understand how to install gapps?
Do I have to manually edit each android image?
Thanks for your time and support

Hey @xfdroid,

Anbox Cloud does not include the Google Play Services. We also can not help you on how to install them as for integration you will require a certification and license agreement from Google.

Anbox Cloud provides standard and compatible builds of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) only.

Generally images can be modified through the use of hooks/addons. See and for more details.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Is there a tutorial how we can “Flash the archive” using the Addon methods?

As mentioned, that is something we cannot help with. If there are general addon related questions we’re happy to help.

Looking at it in general questions on modifying image by flashing custom rom not particularly asking related to install gapp

Would like to understand how we can run or build custom image.

Is there anyway we can compile our own ASOP and run the image?

Is there anyway we can compile our own ASOP and run the image?

We currently do not support running self build images. We have an idea how to make this possible in the future but it has implications in different dimensions (maintenance, support, …) which are not simple implemented right.

For now you can do customization’s only by using addons and patching the existing Android rootfs to your needs.

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