I need to raise an issue. Where do I go?

Over the past few days I’ve become aware of an issue within the community that needs attention but I am unable and to a certain extent unwilling to deal with it myself and take further action. The actions that I have taken so far have possibly been ignored.

Where do I go to for advice now that the Community Council seems to be no more?

Pinging @Wimpress and @popey as former members of the Community Council but of course anyone else is free to offer their advice and assistance.

We are all being ignored so…

Well, this post:

indicated that something ‘would be happening’ around five months ago. :disappointed:

However, the problem for which I needed advice may well have resolved itself. Time will tell. But I would still like to know to whom I can go to to seek advice on community matters that I don’t feel I can or wish to resolve myself.

Happy to be consulted on such matters.