How to install Ubuntu Server on your Raspberry Pi

Suggestion for the installation guide: Replace the arp command by ip which is installed by default. Then the information block for installing net-tools can be dropped.

On Ubuntu:

ip neigh | grep -i  "b8:27:eb\|dc:a6:32\|e4:5f:01"

On Mac OS:

arp -na | grep -i  "b8:27:eb\|dc:a6:32\|e4:5f:01"

similar issue for me as well

I didn’t see the ‘cog icon’ on mac, not sure if it shows for other versions of the rpi imager, but I found this helpful:

Advanced menu which is hidden away can be activated by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + X

Has anyone considered recommending adjusting /etc/avahi/avahi-dameon.conf and turning on workstation publishing? For headless installs, when you don’t have access to the router, this is an alternative approach.

Set publish-workstation=yes. Then, if your “provisioning” computer is Ubuntu, you can do the following:
$ avahi-resolve --name <hostname>.local to discover the address.