How to contribute a Guide

This section explains how to contribute a guide to the webteam portal.

Create your topic

You have an idea? Add it to the Web & Design - Guides category.

  1. You will first need an account on discourse
  2. Make sure you are a contributor in the category Web & Design
  3. Go on the Guides category
  4. Press the New Topic button
  5. Write everything that you want to share with the team

Add it to the portal

To make it appears on the webteam portal, let’s add it to the navigation.

  1. Open the index topic
  2. Edit the topic, if you are part of the Web & Design group you should have permission
  3. On the markdown table of the navigation, add your topic at the level that you want it to appear:
| 0-2 | slug-on-the-site | [Navigation title](http://link-to-the-discourse-topic) |
| 2 | our-websites | [Our websites]( |
  1. Save Edit
  2. You should now have access to the post on
  3. Don’t forget to share it with the team
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