How do I remove Ubuntu Pro 'advert'

While I have nothing against the Ubuntu Pro service (I use it on a few of my personal devices/servers), I would prefer that the command to remove the “hey, these additional updates are available with Ubuntu Pro” type of messages actually worked.

It works fine for apt CLI, but I still get those “ads” in the Software Updater GUI. It’s on a machine that is used for work, so I can’t just enable it and the company very likely won’t pay for it. In those kind of situations, I don’t want to constantly see those greyed out updates.

Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed?

This is a common question

Yeah, I saw that one. I’m looking for a less hacky solution though. :slight_smile:

There’s multiple options on that question, if you scroll down. Some are less “hacky” than others.

Feel free to point out specific ones that don’t cause you to remove a ton of packages, some of which you might want, that don’t require installing dummy replacement packages or have other negative consequences. Also, most suggestions there are not about the GUI program.

This is the only one that isn’t hacky to me, and it doesn’t affect the GUI program, just the message in the CLI:

sudo pro config set apt_news=false

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