Horrible state of Snap on Fedora/RHEL

I am deliberately posting in this forum because this issue needs more attention.

For several weeks it has been impossible to use/install several snaps in Fedora/RHEL. I believe there was some underlying change in snapd or core which killed backwards compatibility. At the time of writing my Fedora install was stuck on 2.55.x while the required snapd version is 2.56.

Also not too long ago there was a severe font display issue, making a number of snaps unusable (especially on F35).

The person who took care of packaging for Fedora/RHEL over the years suddenly no longer works for Canonical. He had still submitted 2.56 to staging but the required update never landed in the updates repo.

I feel these ongoing issues are disastrous because they will cause many users to simply give up on snaps altogether. While Flathub via Gnome Software most likely offers the exact same app. But working perfectly.

Sadly I am not a developer so I could volunteer to be part of the solution. All I can do is raise the issue.

You may get visibility, but not from the right people (probably). The right place is over on the snapcraft forum: https://forum.snapcraft.io/


Thanks Alan. Unfortunately that’s where the discussions started. And unless its a very specific question to a very specific tech problem, feedback on that forum is rather scarce.

I see this just as much as an image problem than merely a prolonged bug. God knows if I wasn’t also using Ubuntu I would have given up on snaps by now as a Fedora user.

And it really boils down to the fact that there was only one person who actively responded to and sorted out Fedora issues. And he is now gone.

My hope was to somehow raise awareness about this to senior management. But this could well also be the wrong place for that. No idea how the workings at Canonical go. What about ubuntuforums.org ?

Honestly, this is the wrong place. The snapcraft forum is indeed the right place. The rest of the snapd team are there, you can ping them, mvo, Igor, sergio are all people you can nudge.

Nobody inside Canonical looks at ubuntu forums as far as I’m aware.

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I found your thread here https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/snapd-updates-in-fedora/4342 and tagged mvo, sergio and Igor. I’m gonna close the thread here, because it’s pointless having the same conversation in two places.