Gnome using quite little memory at boot and further

Sorry, but I still don’t get what’s non-standard

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Same DE, Gnome shell. Standard Ubuntu comes with 2 system extensions; Ubuntu Dock and KStatusNotifierItem. The non-standard is Gnome-shell with whatever extensions you need without those 2 system extensions.

Sometime ago Ubuntu had its own DE, something exclusive, but now it has a DE that anyone can have with any base, Arch, or Debian or whatever. The extensions are also for any distro with Gnome shell. Even those 2 Ubuntu system extensions can be installed in any other Gnome distro, even though they are not available at, just copy and paste.

Alright, this is what I missed! If this is the only difference, we might have some insights about where the “issue” is.

Its also better, if there is an ability to add text files to the desktop and add to desktop any apps. You can see that here and here, I could get that to happen by playing with 2 different Gnome based Ubuntu derivatives.