GNOME Panel Setting Suggestion

I am confuse into where I am suppose to send this suggestion because they tell me to gnome, but also here. Can not find a central place for it, but basically it is this:


Offer Bluetooth the same Ability as Wired and Wireless networks where:

  • When clicked, it shows a dropdown to turn on/off (instead of clicking on the actual Bluetooth option, expecting to see some options for it and learning too late that it was to turn off/on bluetooth in general (Similar to Wired behavior).

  • Choose which bluetooth to connect/disconnect (Similar to Wifi behavior), without having to turn off Bluetooth for everything if I click on it.

When clicked on, it would look similar to this where it shows Bluetooth devices connected, disconnected, not setup:

But with the layout of Wifi as seen here:


Check out this GNOME extension (the only one I have installed):


Wowww beautiful extention. Thank you my friend.

Look at this beautiful thing. Thank you @elcste



Within this panel settings, would it be possible to include,
a screen brightness setting. This does not come with the
current release of Gnome, or with the current version of
Ubuntu as default.
This was “Originally a question on Launchpad questions with 2 KVM linked computers and one monitor to switch between”
This is only a suggestion for a question.
Can’t set display brightness
Question answered. Is it possible to include this in either Gnome or Ubuntu…? “For the future”

I think something similar will be built-in in some future version of GNOME Shell: