Gnome-nautilus 3.28 in Ubuntu 18.04

Is there a way to install gnome-nautilus 3.28 in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

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Reopened by request.

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The safest way to get Files 3.28 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS would be to wait for the stable Files Flatpak from Flathub (or wait for the Files snap). It has a lot of bugs but the way to get that would be to follow the steps here and to then get the Flatpak from the button on this page - but it’s on 3.24 at the moment so you need to wait for 3.28. Edit: After reading this Issue please don’t do what I’ve just striked out! I’m waiting for further instruction from that Issue on how best to get the stable Flatpak. Edit: Ignore what’s been striked through, you are encouraged by the developers to try the development version of the Files Flatpak as below.

If you want Files 3.28 right now you can get the Nightly Flatpak (though that will automatically update you to 3.29 when that’s Flatpak’d) by clicking here. Reboot after installing and then when you click on Files in the Dash or Activities it will load up the Flatpak rather than the Deb. Please note that the Files Flatpak is very buggy (and they know that it’s buggy so don’t file bug reports for it). Alternatively you can get the Deb from Debian Experimental (which is highly likely to break your install although it could be less buggy than the Flatpak) here, you may want to wait for Files 3.28 to hit Debian Unstable or Testing (currently Buster) before getting the Deb from there (and it would still be risky to do so and not recommended). You could thus get 3.28 from Debian but it really isn’t recommended also because you’d get no automatic updates (not even security updates) for it.

Basically, for now, please wait for more progress on the Flatpak and snap!


I plan to upload nautilus to gnome3-staging PPA, so it will be available there soon.

However do note that we do not provide LTS support on packages in that PPA, just the standard release cycle support.


Great news, thanks for providing this, future-wise. :+1:t4:

Any news to get Nautilus 3.28?

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I’d like to know too.

Unfortunately there’s still no Files snap and there’s nothing about that listed here so I wonder if it’s not going to happen soon. @kenvandine?

There won’t be a stable Files Flatpak for a while either:

Nautilus is improving Flatpak integration before delivering it as stable, in the meantime the maintainers encourage you to test the development version from

To get the development version get Flatpak with sudo apt install flatpak then just download this, open a Terminal in the folder you downloaded it to and run flatpak install nautilus.flatpakref. Please note that it is very buggy (and the developers know that it’s very buggy so don’t file bugs about it), currently I’m not able to open any files with it!

See my previous post for more, everything I said there still applies, Files 3.28 is in Debian Experimental and you can grab it from there (though you may break your system in the process and you’ll get no automatic updates) but it’s not in Debian Unstable or Testing yet.

I’m afraid everyone needs to be really patient, you won’t be able to get Files 3.28 in a safe and working manner (on Ubuntu, at least) until there’s a Files 3.28 snap (which doesn’t seem to be on the horizon), a stable Files 3.28 Flatpak (which doesn’t seem to be on the horizon either really), or Ubuntu 18.10 is out.

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That’s a shame , would have been nice to have the full 3.28 suite of apps. Don’t really care for having my desktop managed. Pretty sure Fedora has it, so might have to switch to an .rpm distro to keep up with Gnome current .


I take it you changed your mind?

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