Getting started with Shell's custom Ubuntu Pro image on Azure

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This onboarding presentation is aimed at those who will be using the Ubuntu Pro images and dives into some of the details of how to use the features and what they do. The video covers:

  • How to launch the custom Shell Ubuntu Pro with Support image
  • the advantages of the Shell Ubuntu Pro with Support image over other Ubuntu instances on the Public Cloud
  • the extended security coverage of the Shell Ubuntu Pro with Support image
  • Kernel Livepatch; and
  • the hardening that Canonical and Shell have implemented together in these images

If you would like to speak about a specific project requirement, or have any questions, please contact us:

You can execute secured containers on top of VMs running Ubuntu Pro with Support. The LTS Docker Image Portfolio on Docker Hub and public cloud container registries provides compliant, secure application images, with a long term maintenance commitment by Canonical.