Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 25 January 2024


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Ubuntu QA


  • Merged autopkgtest 5.32 from Debian
    • Uploaded autopkgtest 5.32ubuntu1 to Ubuntu, rebasing the cross architecture testing patchset
  • Rebased the branch used on the Ubuntu autopkgtest infra on top of 5.32
    • Not ready for switching yet, needs testing
  • Advanced the upstreaming work of the cross architecture testing patchset

upgrade testing

Ubuntu Server

  • Bug triage rotation
  • Reviewed and merged PR adding TIOBE metrics to cloud-init
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Default Java 21:

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  • replacing some armhf workers
  • continued work on fix to update-github-jobs for upstream tests
  • making firewall mp’s and talking to IS about getting arm64 workers in ps6 (staging)
  • testing my UUID integration MP
  • bunch of MP amendments after @hyask has been reviewing the backlog of MP’s we have
  • fixed a bug meaning any lp user could queue a test O_o
  • working on our new admin page at - available now
  • removed lunar from autopkgtest-cloud

iso testing

  • all mandatory and mandatory extra tests for the noble iso (23/01)
  • all mandatory tests for new jammy iso for the upcoming point release

qa tracker

  • working on having off instance backups of the database
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