Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 21 Sep 2023


  • mp’s making the canary test cases more complete
  • mp for removing mentions of aubergine
  • amending the iso tracker to go along with these updates
  • mp for adding uefi test to canary
  • mp amending bitlocker tests
  • sorted through bugs on the isotracker to try and get a list of pertinent ones

utah and upgrade tests

  • looking into and reporting bugs for upgrade tests (cinnamon and unity)
  • made mp for adding apport-noui to upgrade tests


  • Worked on an mp removing all nova commands from autopkgtest-cloud

install testing

  • been going through the tests on the isotracker for the beta
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ISO testing (Server and Desktop)

Auto upgrade testing

  • Debugged Lunar -> Mantic upgrade failure of Ubuntu Unity
    • Turns out that the ubuntu-unity-desktop task is broken. Not an issue in Mantic.

Ubuntu Server

  • Bug triage rotation
  • More work to get LXD integration testing of cloud-init and pro green
    • We’re still facing some LXD issues apparently, but things improved quite a lot since last time.


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  • test was merged upstream, raised sync request


  • test was merged upstream, raised FFe


  • waiting on reply for the test data license.


  • made a patch for bootstrapping from openjdk-17, SRU bug in progress (waiting for the builds to finish)



  • preparing bug emails
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