Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/05/23

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A week so short it’s only 2.5 days.


  • merging openssl 3.2
    • the version history in Debian is weird because uploads for 3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3 resulted in disjoint histories (3.2.x uploads don’t contain 3.0.x uploads after 3.0.8), even though all were uploaded to unstable
    • git-ubuntu does a good job at importing everything in a sensible manner but the imported had to force-push to the pkg/debian/sid branch since the target of unstable has indeed been changing; I wasn’t expecting that but it’s the only way to do it; thanks @andreas and @rbasak for the discussions and insights!
    • prepared an upload, needs to test more (where did my PPA tests go? ppa-dev-tools didn’t know of oracular; fixed with --releases oracular)
    • needs a bit of care due to various changes but it looks like we can drop all our patches!

armhf Y2038 support

  • explain results for libmia-2.4
    • the analysis was split over 4 chunks
    • turned out the first chunk had no header left, maybe due to later changes I did to filter out non-linux/armhf/… headers
    • this caused the first chunk to be empty and reducing results returned a failure value while the actual overall result was fine (all three other chunks had no ABI change)

short week, was off Monday and Tuesday



short week due to public holidays


  • Re-started transitioning to versioned Rust work
    • Re-targeting Rust 1.76
    • Re-targeting to Ubuntu 24.10
    • Re-launched rebuild tests
  • Resumed a developer experience-focused project that involved making a container image
    • Waiting on the spec review


  • Helped :star2:craft team re-spinning a previous pull request: PR#740
  • Helped :star2:craft team working around a requests regression: PR#741
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Vendor image

  • provide a live installer image for a vendor board

RISC-V images

  • start creating RISC-V preinstalled images via ubuntu-image


  • evaluate submissions
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Short week, day off on Monday


  • Getting creds for ps6 amd64
  • Asking for creds for ps6 s390x - once we have these, we can look to drop scalingstack entirely and be entirely running jobs in ps6 (apart from amd64, which are running in ps5)
  • debugging various issues, s0lp4, issues with armhf reported by @ginggs
  • Merged an MP to ensure we destroy instances in the case of a retry (testbed failure) - hopefully we’ll have a lot less zombie instances now
  • Made and integrated the grafana-agent snap into our charms - we will soon have a grafana-agent on each web and cloud units to be used with our own instance of COS for easier searching through the logs, and we will likely extend this in the future.


  • Made and merged an MP for noble->oracular jobs, they are now running here

desktop testing

  • Ordered a raspberry pi5, pi4, and pi400. I will be testing the preinstalled desktop images on these when the time comes. They arrived in < 1 day, shoutout to Cool Components lol


  • I have a zapper board! woop! I’ve nearly got it up and running, just had an issue with the DUT’s HDMI output. Liaising with zapper team to get it fixed, then I will start writing installer tests with robot framework. Yay! Exciting!
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Short (1 day) week.


  • PR # 227 - Set gpt partition as bootable if associated to system-boot role
    • WIP
  • PR # 224 - Add a note to run u-i as root or with sudo
    • merged
  • PR # 225 - Set the appropriate pocket in the security entry in sources list file with Deb822 format
    • merged


  • Help exploring running ubuntu on some specific hardware
  • Providing support to several ubuntu-image users
  • Investigations around sparse image support
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Short week. Took two swap days to recover from sprint travel on Mon and Tue.


  • Finished SRU paperwork for .NET 6.0.130 (May 2024) update (LP: #2065300).
  • Working on adding snap support to flamenco tool (PR #2).
  • Working on uploading the May releases to ppa:dotnet/backports.
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Short week, off Monday



  • Conducted an interview
  • Reviewed a take home test
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  • investigating testcase host-probes-rid-assets-legacy failure for dotnet8 on oracular
  • attended weekly .NET security partners meeting
  • helped @schopin to build and “run” jellyfin with chiselled Ubuntu OCI images
  • canonical/flamenco (I will demo this after the pulse retrospective)
    • working on finishing flamenco build debian-tarball command
    • wrote poc for flamenco release-info command
    • reviewed PR #2: Add snap support to flamenco


  • canonical/sphinx-docs-starter-pack issue #232: Sphinx Docs Starter Pack does not work on non-Ubuntu Operating Systems
  • paperwork
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  • Learning checkbox and fixing docs as I go :slight_smile:
  • Working on automation of ISO tests
  • Filed PR for locale handling in rpi-imager
  • Filed PR to workaround issue affecting systems with lots of snaps installed in rpi-imager
  • Advised Core on addition of JSON to rpi-imager
  • Filed merge request to fix and enable unit tests on JSON script in meta-release
  • Still tracking responses on Pi desktop installation on USB (LP: #2064208, LP: #2037015)
  • Investigated power LED failure on older models (LP: #2060942); may be because we build the relevant triggers as kernel modules
  • Verified FKMS->KMS upgrade quirk (LP: #2065051)
  • Filed a bug about log-spam from tracker-miner on the Pi desktop (LP: #2066885)
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Short week…


  • Working on bug fixes
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Since I forgot to paste my status in the last report, you get the notes for the last three weeks (one week was the Engineering Sprint, so effectively two weeks).



Worked on analyzing which packages ship initramfs-tools hooks and that need to be checked when switching to dracut. There are 77 packages shipping files in /usr/share/initramfs-tools.



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Short week due to Madrid and bank holiday in France.


  • Document how to access the RabbitMQ web UI.
  • Fixed the armhf LXD remotes metrics.
  • Redeployed a bunch of armhf LXD remotes after one hypervisor went wrong.
  • Worked on having spice console access to our test VMs, to ease troubleshoot issues with networking. Still struggling with some cloud-init and user password shenanigans.
  • Started some prototyping in a Jupyter notebook for displaying timing data from autopkgtest.u.c to better analyze where we loose time.
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Short week due to Madrid, bank holidays, and time off.

  • some [uw]tmp vs glibc research due to t64
  • finished up the shadow fix for Ubuntu Core (currently waiting for SRU review)
  • Greenhouse queue
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Short week.

  • Investigating ycmd autopkgtest regression wrt new gopls version
  • Finish Go 1.21.3 & 1.22.10 updates (leftover for fips packages)
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Short week due to Madrid and time off.


  • Retried autopkgtests with an unknown version for all architectures and releases.


  • Reviewed the verification of ubuntu-release-upgrader for Noble (fixing upgrade failures) and released the package to -updates.
  • Reviewed and merged an MP updating the website urls for the RPi images.
  • Enabled distribution upgrades from Mantic to Noble after releasing the new version of ubuntu-release-upgrader.
  • Updated Launchpad retracer configurations for noble-proposed and oracular.
  • Reviewed and merged an MP adding Oracular to meta-release-development.


  • Met with Tobias regarding the duties of the Ubuntu Release Management team.
  • Administrative work.
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Short week due to swap day.


  • refreshed patches for openjdk-11, -17, -21, -22, -23.
  • setting up automated rebuild of openjdk packages
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