Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/03/28


  • Lots of queue cleanup and fire fixing, particularly looking into amd64 throughput and killing forever looping tests
  • MP for hotfixing all noble tests to be all-proposed, then later reverting (it’s not merged or deployed yet)
  • Fixing logic in the worker code to disable retries
  • MP adding more fail strings to better recognise obscure test failures
  • testing a fix to the lxd metrics and the way they’re collected
  • made an MP with two scripts, pull-amqp and push-amqp, which should make it easier for us to move tests between queues or re-queue with new args
  • MP for adding a login button to the navbar of auc
  • MP for adding a user-specific page, per request of @schopin (nearly done, just needs review)
  • MP for fixing display of exit code 14 results, as alerted to us by @schopin


  • MP to change the cloning process of the repo in production - is now cloned by the ubuntu user and admins can do git stuff.
  • In the same MP, I fixed the charm itself. The charm branch hasn’t been updated in years and I made the charm building and deploying process a bit more up to date.


  • HR training
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  • PR #194: Review: Consolidated docs for contributors

Docs Starter Pack

  • PR #205: Hide notfound_template from epub builder
  • Issue #208: Investigation: Make conf. files linter-compliant
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  • time_t triage

spring boot snap:

  • reworked snap to package cli tools, waiting for review for the classic confinement.
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